News; Nike Magista Opus FG 2014 world cup - Volt/Metallic/red/black

Published: Monday 21 July, 2014

Nike Magista Opus FG "Nike Magista Opus FG We are proud of what we are earning. It may not yet contest with equipment from UK and Germany. But because we have a name safeguard, We are striving normal basis to improve our quality, Says local business person Sam Chukwujekwu, Whose factory makes printer tools, Lathes, saws, And central heating central heating boiler. On the shop floor Mr Chukwujekwu told me about the problems of the lack of mains power, Absence or unavailability of water, And mail messages. But some firms in your neighborhood are somewhat less scrupulous about labelling their goods, Conscious that even for the Nigerian market, Goods what one say"Manufactured in Nigeria" Isn't sell next to those from abroad. The main outlet for the goods is the vast Onitsha market the most significant in West Africa. And throughout the market are products that are made here car spares, T-shirts, Shoes absolutely all the things. And most of them appear at first sight made elsewhere. In one shop uncover Nike and Adidas shoes. Peugeot car countries, Bosch car parts other great tales and on across this vast market. "Study doesn't say 'Made it Japan' it just says a company name and then 'Japan'. "It is all system of the survival strategy, Because when you are operating in a system that you have everything else but stacked against you, There are a few things you should do to survive, Very few of they make it outside Nigeria' s borders, And the volume of production is probably too small to be concerned about. It is a real problem for Nigerian business people. Fighting against a decaying commercial structure and all the extra costs that it entails and yet determined to produce and sell their goods in competition with products from abroad. Their survival strategy of labelling goods as if these folks made abroad is just part of their solution Nike Magista Opus FG.

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