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Published: Tuesday 06 January, 2015

nike free 5.0+ Mens Matthew aaron Boyd, 28, Of Wellington had earlier pleaded guilty to two counts of having sexual activity with a girl under 16, And four counts of indecent attacks, Making use of touching the girls' breasts and genitalia. The problem occurred between January 2001 and May 2002, Initially while Boyd was being a locum doctor in Dunedin. On the contrary, One of the indecent assault charges where Boyd digitally penetrated a 13yearold girl was at the serious end of the spectrum and his offences related to six separate underage girls over an extended space of time. nike free 5.0+ Mens black On one situation, He sent a 15yearold victim a video of himself masturbating photos of himself naked. His internet habits on going when he moved to Wellington from Dunedin in 2002 and lived in a central city apartment. He invited ladies to parties at his home where they were free to smoke and drink. After the May hearing police said Boyd was a sexual predator who had left his victims sentimentally devastated. Detective Terry Kearns said Boyd usually corresponded with girls for two or three days before arranging to meet them in person, Sometimes implying that they go on a picnic. "He always said he was a health care professional. Whether that is part of what he did to get what he wanted, I'm not sure, The problem happened in Boyd's car, In is know for one of the victims, And at his Wellington condominium. Police used chatroom transcripts downloaded from Boyd's seized computer to get hold of the victims. Boyd's lawyer Greg King said at the March hearing the incidents dated back to a time when Boyd was a newly qualified medical medical specialist and was facing enormous pressures in his career.

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