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Published: Wednesday 10 January, 2018

Brown Picks Oregon in an Historic Days Events What a day for the Pac 12, as Washington will start its tenure in the newly expanded league with a great puzzle piece in Tony Wroten Jr. and Oregon Adidas Nemeziz 17+ 360 Agility FG will attempt to rebuild with another one in Jabari Brown. Though sources had informed us that Brown was seriously considering UW down to the last few hours before his announcement, Jabari picked up the Duck hat. Washington was not the only one spurned by Brown for the Nike factory school, as the San Francisco Examiner confirmed reports that Cal had made a late push. Brown's explanation was tainted by mention of Phil Knight and Nike, who are constantly being tied, according to numerous reports to using their influence to convince players to come to Eugene.

The Seattle Times Percy Allen pointed to a quote that I felt was very telling. "Phil Knight does a great job of helping and building new facilities like Matthew Knight Arena and the practice facility for the players to come in and play and I'm blessed to have the opportunity to be Adidas Soccer Cleats a part of this. It (Knight) was definitely a factor. I love Nike. I've always worn Nike. But I think ultimately it was the coaching staff because I would never choose a school because of the shoes. I have to really feel comfortable there and that's how Coach Altman made me feel." Whether that influence consists of tactics that are NCAA violations, is currently at issue at this point with the discoveries and subsequent NCAA investigations involving former Duck center Michael Dunigan and other former high level Oregon signees. Oregon could be facing NCAA sanctions, as this story continues to develop, but in Wroten's case nothing more than good vibes and purple pride emanated from the Garfield High School Gym on Thursday. Wroten is a very important recruit for Washington. Mason Kelley of The Seattle Times video taped the event. With the Dawgs losing Venoy Overton and Justin Holiday, Tone's advanced ability to disrupt on the defensive end, as well as his athleticism and speed on both ends are going to go a long way to absorbing the blow of their loss to the program. UW will be very tough at guard next season.

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