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Published: Monday 25 December, 2017

Quiet lives hid a pursuit to recruit for global jihad There was little in the everyday lives of Brahim Benmerzouga and Baghdad Meziane to suggest they were cogs in the worldwide terrorist network inspired by Osama bin Laden. They lived in Leicester everyon which Benmerzouga, 31, Drove around in struggling second-Hand cars and was an park footballer. Meziane, 38, Was devoted to his wife and child. The buddies drank coffee together and prayed at a local mosque. Adidas ACE 17+ Purecontrol Like a tremendous number of Algerians, They were in Britain illegally and worked the device-Using false French passports to open accounts and claim benefits while working at a sandwich-Packaging factory in Corby.

But these secured in a dark unremarkable men were steeped in the ideology of bin Laden and active in a pan-European network with direct links to al-Qa'eda. By Leicester, A modern city not on the radar of the security services, They ran a aid cell-Scattering the propaganda of global jihad; Selecting young men for the cause; Arranging their travel to Afghanistan and financing terrorism through bogus bank plastic. But their covert network began to unravel in July 2001 with the arrest at Dubai airport of Djamel Beghal, Who had resided in Leicester, London and Paris and was just about Meziane. For Leicester, Beghal, 37, Had posed as a business person importing clothing from Germany. Among his supposed co-Conspirators have already been Kamel Daoudi, An expert in encrypted internet interaction, While Nizar Trabelsi, A Tunisian former executive footballer, Adidas Soccer Cleats Who had been to be the suicide bomber. When extradited to portugal, Where he in order to in custody, Beghal withdrew his admission saying he had been tortured.

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