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Published: Monday 27 November, 2017

BelleVue Palma Real Traveller Reviews Here's what we got for our $2500 (1 week) trip to Cuba at Christmas time at the Bela Vue Palma Real hotel for Dec, 2 0, 2011:(1) Waiting at the Toironto Pearson airport Nike HypervenomX Proximo II hours before takeoff. Taking off our shoes for inspection at customs in Toronto.(2) Landing at Varadero airport to be photographed by customs and watching a guard parade around with a sniff dog.() When we got to the hotel there was no one there who can guide us to our room. Our room apparently is in another building. Carrying our luggage to another building , we enter into a dark labryinth of hallways. The elevator doesn't work and we bring our bags up flights of stairs. This means 6 stair flights every day.We enter our dirty room to discover a broken, sliding closet door, the sliding balcony door doesn't lock, a toilet that runs by itself occassionally, hand towels, which don't dry adequately after a shower; soap the size of a quarter; and unchanged sheets.

Our balcony has a lovely view of a highway, where the constant noise of cars is even heard at night. Nike Soccer Cleats Here is the secret of why the Cubans have a bad reputation for meals. They recycle their cooking oil many times, so don't worry about taking Metamucil along. Call yourself Mud Slide Slim. Their coffee tastes bad, their orange jioice is from concentrate and a country known for its citrus fruit actually serves so called Mandarine juice; tastes more like Kool Aid.Tip, tip, tip you have to give for every service even beach chairs. It's not a 5 minute walk to the beach it's more like 15. On the way you have to deal with beggers. A 2 hour trip to Havana you have to tipo the drive. The bus turns off the air conditioning at intervals. A break on the way allows you to use a flooded toilet, with no seat abnd you have to tip the old lady for drying your hand on the towel, that many others have used. The buffet is problematic. There's more it's easier to pay more, stay home or go elsewhere, Room Tip: Vacation in Aruba. The Good 1 The staff are in most cases, are exceptional, friendly, courteous, and will try to please within the limitations that management allows them to.2 The rooms are clean, and kept that way, no bugs, but older furnishings and smaller. You are 5 minute walk from beach and in the "downtown" restaurant and bar area and it is safe. NO excuse to not venture out and enjoy. A little warning the elevators may or may not work, the exchange to CUC's may be a little less than advertised, the golf course may not a value for the peso, but if the weather is great, the snow you left behind will be just a distant bad dream (for a few days)

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