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Published: Wednesday 16 July, 2014

Nike Free 5.0 V4 Bauer baseball Corp. Is remembering 13 models of junior hockey sticks due to excessive lead levels in the sticks' paint. Yesterday evening, Health Canada introduced Bauer Hockey Corp.'s recall of the Nike Bauer Supreme One50 amalgamated hockey stick JR-52 due to excessive lead levels detected by the agency in random testing. Gary Jones, Bauer's director of global marketing and providing, Told CBC News on Thursday that essential that recall, The company decided to self employed test 200 other junior sticks for lead. Guidelines, With several exceeding Canadian quality, Where you have higher allowable limits, Based on Jones. There're: Nike Free 5.0 V4 Nike Bauer gigantic One90 Youth and Junior Stick(Supports, Shafts, And supplement blades). Nike Bauer substantial One50 Junior Stick(Supports, Shafts and alternative blades). Nike Bauer superior One40 Junior Stick. Nike Bauer substantial One70 Junior Stick. Nike Bauer/Bauer superior One75 Junior Stick(Player and goalie stands). Nike Bauer/Bauer Vapor XX jr Stick(Player and goalie is). Nike Bauer superior LTX Junior Stick. Nike Bauer Apollo freshman Stick. Nike Quest Apollo frosh Blade. Nike Bauer great Force Junior Stick. Nike Bauer Vapor XVI senior Stick. Nike Bauer water smoke XXX Lite"Woodsy" Frosh Stick. Nike Bauer great Accel Junior Stick. The findings prompted the organization to issue"Just limit sale" Notices to sites, Though Health Canada has yet to amend its original recall notice to add new sticks. Bauer too has not yet updated its a site to reflect the new recall. There can be 67,000 sticks manupulated in Canada and 100,000 around the globe. 2014 Nike Womens Free 5.0 V4 running shoe - black/pink Bauer is trying to determine how the lead sticks passed initial testing. "We are obviously checking it out how these fell through, Talked about Jones. He said the company is in to eliminate destroying materials used for painting the sticks in China. It has also used third-Party testing assure"This never shows up again, Jones said Bauer has not received any reports of attached to the sticks. A couple weeks ago, Health Canada's recall said it had not received any reports of illness stemming from the dirtied paint on the Nike Bauer Supreme One50 composite hockey stick. The organization is advising consumers to stop using the hockey stick immediately and to contact Bauer at 1-888-734-0443 to an"Top-notch" Stay. Jones says the elite sticks have been tested for lead and meet all laws. The Winnipeg Jets appear to have been powerless against Washington in the last three meetings, But they can put that all to their rear and move closer to a playoff berth with a road win on Tuesday.

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