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Published: Tuesday 28 October, 2014

Nike Mercurial Superfly 2014 US defense authorities admitted to The Wall Street Journal that insurgents in Iraq have used SkyGrabber, A online program, To hack into video feeds from seeker planes. To be able to unnamed sources cited by the Journal, Iranianbacked groups have intercepted cable data, Letting them view, Very high, And share video relayed by these pilotless automobiles. While the ideas could be used to spy on military intelligence and troop locations, There's no reason to think the hackers can affect the Predators nor access anything other than raw video. The setup uses a PC, Satellite tv on pc dish, Cable modem, And pc such as SkyGrabber, Which got its start by the Russian firm SkySoftware. Down to Iraq and Afghanistan's rough terrain, Military officials cannot assume the Predators need a clean, Lineofsight hitting the ground with the bases that send them orders. To deal with the problem, The drones plunge to satellite linkups. Still, Unlike visa card payments and cellphone calls, This military cable data is not encrypted. Nike Mercurial Superfly FG Black When insurgents learned the Predator video was unencrypted, They purely pitched their TV antennas and enjoyed the show. The content was unprotected because of financial and technical inertia delaying network upgrades, The log article said, But the Pentagon is now sealing all of its feeds in Iraq, Afghanistan, And as well as Pakistan. This the hot months, The US simple"Days and days and huge time spans" Of intercepted video on militants' notebook computers, Based on one of the Journal's anonymous sources. "It is part with the kit now, And a dastardly simple part this particular. Secretly tapping into satellite feeds has been a trick played by teenage wouldbe hackers for a little bit, But they rarely if ever snatched anything as sensitive as these Predator videos. As with a lot of things online, The solution falls in a moral gray area. SkySoftware's website says the application"Intercepts satellite tv for pc data(Film, music, Prints) That will downloadind[sic.] By other users and saves references in your hard disk. Which means, You're going to get new movie, Best music and funny images and photos for free, A company programmer told the Journal that SkyGrabber was never built target unmanned planes"No military data or other trade data, Only free legal content material material material,

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