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Published: Wednesday 20 September, 2017

Boston House supports Kennedy's dying wish Merrimack Valley EagleTribune This is our online comments feature. To join the argument, You must first register with Disqus and verify your email address contact info. When do, Your comments will post inevitably. We welcome your notions and your opinions, Consisting of unpopular ones. We ask only that you keep the dialog civil and clean. We reserve the legal right to remove comments that are obscene, Racist or abusive and words that are false or unverifiable. Repeat culprits will be blocked. You may flag objectionable criticism for review by a moderator. BOSTON The year's hottest political football was passed to the boston Senate last night. The House of agents voted 9558 in favor of a bill essentially granting the Nike Air Max Zero dying wish of the late Sen. Edward Kennedy to hire Gov. Deval Patrick to make an interim dialogue to fill Kennedy's vacant Senate seat. It now goes to the Senate for backing. Opponents point out that Democrats changed the succession law in 2004 to generate a special election and block thenGov. Glove Romney, A single Republicone specificn, From naming a temporary replacement foam if Sen. Bob Kerry had won his presidential bid. "All the bill reeks of partisan politics, Said condition Rep. Jesse Torrisi, DNorth Andover. "We voted five years ago to put the power at the disposal of the voters. I believe this is where it belongs, Point out Rep. Brian Dempsey, DHaverhill, Also voted on the change. "Comparing calls and emails, I probably got over 50 citizens emailing me. People very clear they're very much from this.

The input I got across the city, Dempsey agreed. "A large amount against changing it. They were concerned that it didn't send the right message that we change things more than who's in office. It is precisely what I was hearing, Claim Sen. Bob Baddour, DMethuen, Said a vote is predicted in the Senate either Tuesday or Wednesday next week. "I think the votes are there at home, And nonetheless, I think these people there in the Senate, Baddour said previous night's House vote. To Nike Air Max Mens change the law now that you have a Democrat in the governor's office smacks of hypocrisy, The trainer told us. "If Kerry Healey was the governor appropriate now, We couldn't survive taking up this bill. That's propagates itself all over I have, Baddour acknowledged. "This is treats like pure politics. Nothing has changed from a policy point other than we have a Democrat in the corner office, Healey, Who to be to get as lieutenant governor under Romney, Lost to tanker in the 2006 race for governor. House phone audio Robert DeLeo, Another Democran actualt, Said the change is needed to ensure Massachusetts happens to be represented by two senators until voters can choose a replacement during a Jan. 19 special spolitical election. "I just want make sure that Massachusetts has a say. That ma has their voice heard on health care, On the surroundings, On clean shock, DeLeo pointed out. Meat, A Democrat and ally of President obama, Will also support the change. "When Senator Kennedy perished we started(By working that have) The law that was on the books and we ought not to be changing the law midstream, Said House Republican director Rep. Bradley they would. Jones junior, RNorth considering. "Any devices is ancillary and extraneous to that, Other Democratic lawmakers conceded a politics motive in the vote, Saying they wanted safeguard Kennedy's legacy, Including his signature issue of expanded health protection.

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