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Published: Wednesday 06 September, 2017

Buckets is exactly what it sounds like an exhibition of torso shaped ceramic objects by Amy Bessone and bucket shaped stoneware objects by Matthias Merkel Hess. Both artists reuse the forms and Nike Roshe Run ID paint them differently each time. Some of Bessone torsos are slathered in black glaze, while others are more minimal. Similarly, some of Hess buckets are polka dotted, while others are painted with only one tone. Opening: Nerve!

Alternative Figures in American Art, 1960 to the Present at Matthew Marks Gallery In this ambitiousthree Nike Roshe Run Mens part show, an alternate history of American contemporary art is presented. The show deals with outsiders in American art history ones that have little to do with the dominant style of their times, but ones which nonetheless have been considered important anyway. Broken into four groups, the artists shown in this exhibition will include Robert Arneson, Mike Kelley, Ken Price, and Peter Saul. Opening: "Peter Blum Edition: Books and Prints" at Peter Blum There's nary a press release to be found regarding the particulars of this show, but its roster of featured artists includes Huma Bhabha, Alex Katz, Helmut Federle, Yukinori Yanagi, and the late Canadian artist collective General Idea. We assume that books and prints are involved.

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