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Published: Friday 24 October, 2014

Nike Mercurial Superfly FG Soccer Cleats Wa(AP) Insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan have broken into into live video feeds from Predator drones, A key weapon in a Pentagon spy system that serves as the military's eyes in the sky for security and intelligence collection. Though militants could see film, There is no evidence they were able to jam the electronic signals from the unmanned aerial craft or manage the vehicles, A senior defense official said wednesday, Speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive cleverness issues. Nike Mercurial Superfly FG Soccer Cleats Obtaining the video feeds can provide insurgents with critical details about what the military may be targeting, Especially buildings, Roads and other systems. Shiite fighters in Iraq used offtheshelf software applications such as SkyGrabber available for as little as $25.95 on the computer to regularly capture drone video feeds, The Wall Street Journal reported monday. Any interception, First done there at least a last year, Was possible because the remotely flown planes had unprotected landline calls links. Drone training video recording, A second defense basic said. He had no details on how it was done in Afghanistan or by which group. The Defense plan has addressed the issue, And is fitting in with encrypt all of its drone video feeds from Iraq, Afghanistan and as a consequence Pakistan, Defense representatives said. One defense official noted that upgrading the encryption in the drones is a lengthy process as there are at least 600 unmanned vehicles along with thousands of ground stations to address. Officials asserted that systems in key threat areas were upgraded first. Thinking ability community, Compared the problem to street criminals paying attention to police scanners. "This was one amongst the signals, A put out signal, And there's no hacking. Is it doesn't interception of a broadcast signal, Described Meyerrose, Who worked to field the unmanned engineering in the 1990s, When he was a senior Air Force specialist. The actual issue, He explained, Is that when the drones were first being developed they were using trade equipment, Which in the future could become vulnerable to intercepts. Each Predator, Also at this moment used in the hunt for alQaeda and other militants in Pakistan, Somalia and from the mail man, Can fly for hours remotely governed by pilots thousands of miles away. It can fly armed or disarmed, And is part of a growing arsenal of such craft inclusive of the Reaper and Raven as well as a new, Hightech video sensor system known as the Gorgon Stare, Being attached to Reapers. The military has known about the vulnerability for over a decade, But assumed adversaries would be unable to exploit it. Then keep away from 2008, Within the armed forces apprehended a Shiite militant in Iraq whose laptop contained files of intercepted drone video feeds, The Journal claimed. In about July, They found fake feeds on other militant laptops, Leading some officials in summary that groups trained and funded by Iran were regularly intercepting feeds and sharing them with multiple extremist groups. Defense Secretary Robert Gates asked the Pentagon's thinking ability chief, Louis R. Clapper, Junior, To confirm the problem and coordinate the work to address it. Officials said that when the intercepts were found in July 2008, It raised troubles, But technical adjustments were not so difficult and were put in motion quickly. The hacking is yet another example of how formidable and inventive the extremists can be. Has spent vast amounts of dollars, Heating up liquids, Fighting home remedies bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan, No. 1 killer of troops and the weapon of choice by militants who have easy access to the materials needed to make them and use modern telecoms networks to exchange information about how to improve them. Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said the military continually evaluates the technologies it uses and quickly corrects any weaknesses found. This material definitely isn't published, Transmitted, Rewritten and redistributed. Hints: You share in the us TODAY community, So please make comments smart and civil. Don't attack other readers professionally, And keep foreign languages decent. Utilize the"Submit Abuse" Button compare unique car features. Find out more.

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