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Published: Monday 17 July, 2017

100 pair of shoes made in China cheap It sounds like corporate greed run a muck. The only things I see cheap are in dollar stores and you pretty much get what you pay for in Asics Gel Quantum 360 Knit Womens Running Shoes there.What I will say is there is now a trend to bring manufacturing back to the United States. It not happening with the major companies but with smaller places that are focused on the needs of the local people.It is very possible to have manufacturing in the United States and not every job has to go overseas. economy). I believe many will automatically assume, if it expensive, it must be better and will buy it thinking they are getting a better quality product. It may be a better quality, but a higher price does not assure this! Prices are somewhat arbitrary. If a store can sell something at a higher price, they will probably do so.Example.

We have two malls in my area with the same name store Asics Womens Running Shoes at each. One is in an affluent area, the other in a more average area. The one store had a shirt for $18 and the other had the exact same shirt for $12. There was no or special This was the exact same shirt from the same manufacturer. Granted, store has a higher rent to pay and may sell things at a higher price, but if you were buying this shirt, would you think store has a better quality shirt than storeI have to agree, the general population has been and I don think there a cure for it!This answer was edited by awizardalso 1374 days ago.Reason: added detailI really doubt that most manufactures like Nike have to ship jobs over to China in order to compete in the American market. I believe that they are just doing this to maximize profits.New Balance is a shoe company that makes some of their shoes in America. Their shoes are priced just about the same as their China made competitors like Nike. I have seen some of their shoes selling for $30 $40 (and made in America).I want to find a pair of basketball shoes,but I need low price and the quality should be not very bad. Thanks for your suggestion.

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