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Published: Friday 14 July, 2017

Advertising Is Fueled "We've become media literate," Thomas said. "We'll consume an ad before we even look at it. Like this. Do you know what this is an ad for?"One half of the image was devoted to 50 Cent staring carefully at the camera, wearing a camouflage cap tilted sideways and an impressively sized stud in his ear, the other half to a sheet of inky fingerprints from a police report. Across the spread was the tag "I Am What I Am." In the corner was what looked a little like a lopsided "X" and three letters: "RBK.""Reebok," I said."Yes," Thomas said. "Even Asics Gel Nimbus 19 you have been pierced! So you can see three letters and a symbol and automatically you know."Talking to Thomas, who is 39 but looks maybe ten years younger, was like being the only attendee at a lecture by an enthusiastic media studies professor. He took obvious pleasure in presenting to me a portfolio of ads that he began compiling in 2005, which became the basis of a series of works called "Unbranded: Reflections in Black by Corporate America 1968 2008," the title something of an ode to his mother. In his studio, he was quizzing the class, such as it was."But still, what's for sale?

he asked me, in reference to the 50 Cent ad. "Reebok sells what?""And do you see any?""And so in Asics Running Shoes Mens  this shoe campaign," Thomas said, "for an apparel company, you have this musician, an entrepreneur maybe, and" he pointed to the fingerprints "he's still a criminal at the end of the day. I saw this on the street and there was a kind of ethnically mixed group of teenagers nearby, but maybe three or four African American boys. And I was wondering how images like this affect how they understand and relate to one another. When you see images of, like, what the black guys are like in public, do you then have to perform that? And also how do the other friends who don't identify as African American men relate to their friends?"He flipped through the portfolio, and continued showing me the Reebok campaign. There was Andy Roddick, meekly covering his face, juxtaposed with a silver trophy. And Lucy Liu, pictured next to an image of her as a little girl, laughing as she goes down a slide. Yao Ming appeared alongside an illustration of a monkey on a basketball illuminated by rays of light.

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