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Published: Monday 19 June, 2017

Board game will receive a new token Dog has a new nemesis in Monopoly after fans from more than 120 countries voted to add a cat token to the property or house trading board game, Taking the place of the iron, Toy griddle Hasbro Inc. Announced sunday. It was the newbie that fans have had a say on which of the eight tokens to add and which one to toss. Monopoly bridal party fate in fans hands The results were announced after passionate efforts by fans to save their favourite tokens and businesses eager to capitalize on publicity surrounding pieces that represent many. The shoe and the wheelbarrow became members of the iron as endangered tokens. The internet contest to change the tokens was sparked by chatter on Facebook, Where Monopoly has above and beyond 10 million fans. The vote on Facebook closed ahead of midnight on Tuesday. The initiative was intended to assure a game created nearly eight decades ago remains relevant and engaging to fans today. The tokens have changed rather a lot since Parker Brothers bought the game from its original designer in 1935. Other pieces that fought for for a spot on Monopoly included a robot, Band, Heli-copter and guitar. Put five new tokens out for our fans to vote on and there were a lot of fans of various tokens, But I think there were a lot of cat lovers in everyone around you that Asics Kayano 21 reached out and voted for the cat to be the new token for Monopoly, Replied Jonathan Berkowitz, Vicepresident for Hasbro gaming business. The Scottie Dog was a common of the classic tokens, And had been given 29 per cent of the vote, Freebies said. The iron got the actual votes. The kitty, With no name, Purchased 31 per cent of votes for new tokens. The effects were not entirely surprising to animal lovers. Homes as of aug 2011. Monopoly's iconic tokens all began when the niece of game creator Charles Darrow suggested using charms from her charm bracelet for tokens.

The game is in line with the streets of the casino town of Atlantic City, Nj-new jersey, And contains sold more than 275 million units worldwide. To make the game based on fans abroad, The names are changed to wellknown streets in when it is unveiled in a new country. The eight bridal party are an iron, Racecar, Scottie dog, A sneaker, Thimble, Great hat, Wheelbarrow coupled with battleship. Many pieces were introduced with the first Parker Brothers iteration of the game in 1935, And the Scottie dog and wheelbarrow were added in early 1950s. Are always a key section of the Monopoly game. And our fans are very interested in their tokens, About which token they use when they play, Berkowitz pronounced. The socialmedia buzz created by the Save Your Token Campaign attracted numerous companies that pushed to protect specific tokens that reflect a few. With garden tool maker Ames True Temper Inc, Which spoke out in favour of the wheelbarrow and created a series of Asics Running Shoes Mens videos that support the tool, And internet-based shoe retailer Zappos, Which pushed saving the shoe, Berkowitz stated.

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