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Published: Monday 17 April, 2017

Bennett Takes Jab At Eagles When Seahawks defensive lineman Michael Bennett was watching film of the Saints first round playoff game against the Eagles, he came away unimpressed with the effort of the Birds against the run. Seattle Michael Bennett on Eagles last weekend: didn want to tackle. They wanted to go to Turks and Caicos. It cold in Philly. New Orleans wasn as successful running the ball against the Seahawks, but the Saints were still productive (26/108/4.2). Bennett had a big game with six tackles, half a sack, a tackle for loss and a forced fumble. The Eagles host the Seahawks at the Linc next season. On the off chance that I forget that week to ask the players about Bennett's comment, please give me a reminder. The Eagles have a Pro Bowl quarterback. While we can all concede that the whole process is silly, Nick Foles earned a spot on the roster last night with the Patriots' win. Foles was originally named a first alternate, but it's now guaranteed that one of the players who made it ahead of him Tom Brady, Peyton Manning or Philip Rivers will be playing in the Super Bowl. That means Foles earns the nod. Meanwhile, Jason Peters has opted out of the Pro Bowl. He will be replaced by Texans offensive tackle Duane Brown. LeSean McCoy was the other Eagle originally named. DeSean Jackson and Evan Mathis are second alternates. Become a fan of Birds 24/7 on Facebook. May he die screaming for his biased and disgraceful rantings in the broadcast booth. In particular I hope he feels pain and misery in the final years of his life for his unfounded trashing of Andre Watters along with his ignorant and mathematically incorrect assertion at the end of the 91 season that the Skins D was better than the Eagles D. That would be the same 91 Eagles D that holds the NFL record for fewest yards allowed in a 16 game season. F Dierdorf, he should be punished for Crimes Against Philadelphia. MM, I agree. He is putrid and seems to have forgotten that he and Dobler were two of the dirtiest players in the league when they played. His sanctimonious bile is intolerable. If only HG had recommended Fisher over Kotite, that 1991 team might have won it. Would be nice to have dominating players on defense again. No offense to our D this year, but neither DL, LBs or secondary has anyone that can compare to JB, RW, WH, BD, B JR or other great Birds d players. Would have been nice if we picked JJ from UGA with 4 pick instead of LJ. A dominating LB could have come in handy. So on 24/7 (if there is such a site), do you think there a lot of Luck, he lost a playoff game with 4 picks!!!!! chatter? With every throw dissected to see if he missed an open receiver? Or in Seattle, do you thinks there lots of folks wringing their hands about Russell Wilson last five games (3 2, avg 157 yds passing, with 4 TDs and 3 INTs)? Probably not. But in Philadelphia, we back to wondering what Chip Kelly could do with somebody like Manziel, if Foles really is the guy hope Roseman and company are already planning on how to build around Foles by getting a Seattle like defense in place in the next couple of years. Says the fact that he wasn our starting QB from day one. Luck was drafted to start right away(franchise QB) and Seattle will not bench Asics Gel Kinsei 6 Mens Wilson(Franchise QB). Now again I will repeat this am not saying Foles isn going to be our Franchise QB but we have to give him one more year to make it 100%. Also those guys get injured during the season, they will still be the starter when they are healthy. Could we 100% say that about Foles. And can you tell me one instant that you saw anyone say anything negative about Foles. All I was saying is that he is not 100% our franchise QB. I think he needs one more year playing at a high level. Also, because we don fully know what Chip wants in a QB. Look at the SF QB situation. Alex Smith was playing GREAT before he was injured. But CK came in and had an entire different skill set that the coaches liked more.

Could you not see the same thing happen in Philly? I would argue that you assign the term franchise qb too liberally so than anyone actually deciding on nfl rosters (gms). We all see why the two teams in the NFC championship game are there it isn qb play. They played good enough not to lose. Those gms do not think they are done looking at qbs if either falter once the defenses for both teams dwindles slightly due to inability to resign players, both would be Asics Running Shoes Mens found wanting in their current state. But you know what? I bet foles with any of those three defenses wins a superbowl. It complete conjecture, but it the little things. Foles seems to always put the ball right where it needs to be. Wilson was throwing behind guys all day and they still got the win. If you asked me who I would rather have based on what I seen the last two years for the next ten years: foles, rg3, rw, ck, luck, cam go foles, then luck, although he has been horrible in the playoffs. It not even a hard choice. Functional mobility I cool with! but I sorry, I will never want to see a super athlete play QB for us convinced these freak athletes who play QB are cripples as passers because they can use their athleticism to get them out of binds Especially at the high school and College level where as guys with just functional mobility have no choice but to properly develop as passers I see a super athlete QB win a SB, I just can be down with us going that route AGAIN!! All my life all I have ever known is Randall,McNabb,Vick I never had a parade to show for it. SEA in particular will have a lot of tough decisions coming up with the cap. They lucked into all those talented late round guys and UDFAs (who are playing on cheap rookie contracts). But if they decide wilson is more important and the OL, RB, and defense suffer because of it, he may not look as good as he does today.

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