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Published: Monday 20 March, 2017

35 pupils sent home from Black Country school over trainers Express Star Parents spoke of Nike Air Max Mens their anger at having their children taken out of High Arcal School for wearing the sports shoes which they claimed they were allowed to wear. But Jo Manson, head teacher at the school, said the students were sent home for failing to adhere to the uniform policy. Pupils gathered outside the school gates yesterday morning claimed they had been told they could wear the trainers until half term, but were not allowed into their classes when they arrived at school. Andy York, from Woodsetton, had to leave work to go and pick his son, Alex Barfield York, 15, up from the school. Are schools right to send youngsters home for uniform breaches? Have your say below. Mr York said: "My son is in his last year of school now and he was due to have an exam today. "I went down to the school to speak to someone and while I was waiting 95 per cent of the kids walking past were wearing trainers. A closer view of the offending footwear"I've had to leave work today and it's all for a pair of trainers. His exams are more important." Alex said he was told by teachers if he coloured in the white Nike tick on his trainers be allowed to stay in school. See also: Pupils 'treated like prisoners' for wearing wrong shoes or trousers He said: "I've been trying to get my head down this year because it is my last one and I've got my exams. "We're also having a prom this year and if you have 100 per cent attendance then you can go for free, but I won't have that if I get sent home. "These are the shoes I've worn since the last term last year." Bayley Ralston also got sent home from the school on Monday morning. His mother, Lorraine Porter, from Tipton, said: "I think it's disgusting.

He's only got two years left at the school and he has always worn shoes like that. "It's not about his shoes anyway, it should be about his education. The school are loaning some parents 30 so they can buy some new shoes, and he was meant to be getting that this morning but they didn't give it him." Mrs Manson said the manufacturers who make the 'canvas' shoes are being clever by convincing children they look like shoes. She said: "Our school policy has always been no trainers can be worn. I think a vast majority of parents understand our position. "We have been doing what we can to try and help parents, by giving them a loan, as we understand some people don't get paid until the middle of the month. "We normally send a letter and a text to parents before the school year, but there was a problem with our Nike Air Max Zero texting system at the start of this year. "However, our website has always had the uniform policy on there. they cover the feet School smart and black is perhaps something you can not cope with. Get over it and get the kids back to education. How penickity can you teachers be. Teacher, leave us kids alone. If it has been a red jacket with sequins, purple trousers with leopard spots then yes the kids are being individual but not going with uniformity.

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