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Published: Monday 27 February, 2017

Pricewatch Ireland steep A report published yesterday by ForFas confirms something that most Irish consumers have known for a very long time which is that just about everything seem to cost a whole lot more here than elsewhere. I think individuals might have had a hope when the single market became a reality 18 years ago that there would be broadly similar pricing across the EU. So the pair of Camper shoes in Madrid would cost roughly as a pair Camper shoe in Dublin. Of course that hasn happened at all and those shoes are still nearly half the cost in Madrid while wine, Food makeup products, Cars and clothes all sell for considerably less everywhere but here. As perhaps the study a sample basket of 40 goods was filled. This try basket cost 89.30 in ireland in europe and 70.94 for the euro zone a gap of 25.9 %. Even when outcomes of differing VAT rates were removed, There was still being a gap of 22.3 %. Away from 70 cities, Dublin was found to have the 4th most high-priced restaurants, The 5th highest possible rent. Every single day, Clothing, Supper, Hotels and taxis were all somewhat more expensive than most other countries. We pay nearly 20 per cent more for medicines and are one of the three priciest countries for furniture. The list goes all night. In this study, The Single European Market has been important for both the growth and the diversification of Irish trade but a real down side has been that the price gap of certain worldwide branded products between Ireland and other EU states is still high and very hard to justify. Now every time I contact retailers and manufacturers to ask why some cost so much more in the Republic than elsewhere-And that is something I do nearly Asics Gel Kayano 22 every week for readers of Pricewatch I certainly get the same answers. It's like they have all received the same statement. They blame higher overheads such as waste charges and bills and they say that wage costs and taxes are higher in Ireland. And this may well be the case But i guess it's time interesting that the report debunks at least some of those excuses. It says that while high costs faced by Irish businesses may result in higher prices, Perception of an unexplained gap in prices is reinforced by the fact Ireland does not rank highest for many business costs.

It says that there appear to be room for the Single Market to deliver more to Irish consumers in areas such as financial services and the motor industry and services generally. It suggests that one way of redressing the price disparities is to exploit the opportunities associated with the internet alternative and e-The business sector. Your research says that e-Commerce is not fully utilized, Asics Running Shoes Mens Despite increased access to the internet and rapid development in buying. And it has called on the us govenment and the EU to introduce an action plan to improve consumer confidence in e-Commerce as a method of performing, It mentioned. 47 per cent of shoppers here bought online while 42 per cent lack the confidence to buy purchases from other EU countries. The main barriers to shopping on-line are an unwillingness to reveal credit card details, No web access and an hesitation as to what to do in things go wrong. Between the five pillars of a proposed EU-Wide consumer strategy are enhanced cross border shopping rights which will see an overhaul of current the law which. The report says is incomplete and obsolete. A stronger system of redress any time there being a dispute. And greater access to info across all the markets. The report also calls for a high level inspection into the reasons some traders give for refusing to trade in certain markets with a view to ensuring maximum choice for consumers.

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