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Published: Tuesday 27 December, 2016

Miserable worker wants to work with kids Adapted from a recent online theme Beloved Carolyn: Nike Soccer Cleats I have a job that pays me well(A blessing in this period). I personally don't like it. I have hated it in the recent past but am now realizing that it is not just the place but the career. I am depressing in this job career and am lashing out at everyone. I am very fortunate that my hubby does very well, And I could be home more with our kids if I chose. But i'm guilty. Why do I get to quit my job when my better half still has to work? It's not fair that he has to work longer until retirement because I am miserable and wish to quit. But I am so miserable that I consider using any means to quit.

My husband and I began to talk about it and he is(Naturally) Scared and stressed, In am I. I guess my real question for you is, Learn how to get past my guilt and feelings of unfairness? Job worries Dear Job hurdles: Nike Magista Obra II FG Notice that these feelings aren't useful to you, Or to your husband at present, Unless you respond to them in a favourable way. Take them as a hint that quitting to stay home indefinitely isn't right for you the family and start actively weighing alternatives. Training for a new path? A part time or volunteer job in a field you want to explore? How about a job hunt while you are still employed, In a related but separate field, Using the skills that are apparently so valuable to credit history. employer? Keep speaking with your husband about realistic, Asphalt next steps. It is great that you recognize the fairness issue, But you have to keep that momentum going by making sure you reach your husband's and your kids' shoes at every decision point you reach. Show respect for the potency of your self interest. Lso are also: Job issues: I was laid off from my well paying job and became a be home more dad while my wife, Also quite paid, Continual to work. The line has since gone daily and into syndication, Where it appears in over 200 broadsheets. Carolyn joined The Post in 1992 as a copy editor in mode, And became a news editor before using writing full time.

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