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Published: Monday 13 October, 2014

Nike AIR MAX 2014 When you spend a ridiculous long, Energy and money going out to restaurants, You get to know much of the people who work in the restaurant industry. One such person I have become accustomed to over the years is Chris Russell, Currently the gm of the Union Square Cafe. I must have met Chris close to 10 long ago when he was a Captain at Gramercy Tavern, And he handled various wine dinners that my friends and I had organized at the restauarnt. It was way a while ago when Tom Collicchio was doing the cooking himself, And I recall Tom bounding out of the kitchen on two occasion to get himself a pour of some unusual wine that we were drinking. Nowadays Chris has moved up your meal chain and is a big shot, And instead of organising the food for my table, He graciously takes my cell message or calls when I need a table at USC on short notice. He is the living evidence that on time, Nice people who specialize in their job actually get rewarded in life. Nike AIR MAX 2014 But getting a table on short notice isn't the only benefit I got out of our friend. One day an invite to the Union Square Cafe 20th anniversary party arrived in the mail. Why yes, Mrs P and I would be honored to wait, Thanks to you. It was a fun affair that placed some tasty hors d'ouvres being passed around by the waitstaff. But what impressed me most about the occassion could be that the guest list for the party wasn't just a who's who of the city's culinary cogniscenti, It became clear fairly quickly that most of the guests were customers who were being thanked for their support through. Mrs P and I established in the bar area, But approximately one hour into the party Chris approached us with someone in tow and said, "Ken, I would love you to meet Richard Corraine who is a principal in the Union Square Hospitality Group, The the intro took me a bit by surprise. Up until that cut-off date, I was clueless about that Danny Meyer had partners who weren't the chefs that operated their restaurants. But what the heck, I can adjust to anything on short notice and we settled in for a chat. Richard turned into an affable fellow and we chatted about various things, All eaterie related. Eventually the conversation came around to who would replace Kerry Heffernon as the Executive Chef at Eleven Madison Park. Heffernon, Who had opened the eaterie in 1999, Had recently announced that he was leaving his position to start a catering division for the particular business. Now initially since the USHG had come into existance, They experienced replacing a chef at one of their restaurants. Eating at different businesses" Richard smiled and told me. Would be, Impetuous individual that I am, I cut him off in order to guess who I thought it is likely. But he shook his head and acknowledged"Nope, The suitable young chef is Daniel Humm at Campton Place" And then he mumbled in which made it seem as if they wanted to hire him, But there was sort of contractual issue preventing them from doing it. Quite okay, Humm was my second or third decision, But I can see how one could make him their first choice. We ended our conversation by exchanging emails along with a promise to be in touch. Fast forward to several months later when it is announced that Daniel Humm has been appointed Executive Chef at the restaurant. I email Richard to congratulate him and he writes back and says he was needing to"Identify" On the USC party. Well either he was too fine, Or I was too dense because i really didn't know that he was giving me the hi sign as to who he was going to hire. When talented and important chefs come to town it would normally be a lrage benefit. But in this case they got downplaying things. While ended up mentions of the hiring in the food press, There didn't seem to be the major PR campaign that typically accompanies this particular hiring. But when several different months passed and I still hadn't heard anything about Daniel or the food he was serving at the restaurant, I emailed Richard speculating on if I had missed being invited to the swanky opening party. He routinely wrote back and said that I hadn't missed anything, And therefore in fact, These were laying low and giving Daniel time to get his bearings in the Eleven Mad kitchen. But whomever said that timing is important was onto something because he went on to say that Daniel would be unveiling his new menu the following week, And he prefer me to be his guest for dinner at the restaurant so he could get my views on the menu. It was a kind celebration celebration invite. I guess Richard felt bad that I didn't get the hint about who he was going to hire and he was scheming to make it up to me. I was familiar with Humm's cooking from his stint at Campton Place in sf. The previous summer I had what I considered a very good meal at the restaurant and seemed clear that he had the actual possibility to improve. Swiss born and trained at the Michelin three star kitchen Le Pont de Brent outside of Montreaux, At age of 28, There was a effectiveness to his cooking that seemed well beyond his years. But it is one thing to create a culinary sensation in frisco, Where the dining clientele value the region's top class components more than they value the culinary technique that the chefs apply to them(Save for jones Keller and David Kinch), But with a number of first class chefs in New York kitchens, Staying good is a much more arduous task. And from my prospect, Compounding the problem was Humm's culinary style which can be as subtle as Daniel is tall(He or sshe must stand around 6' 4"). New York is a hostile city and the diners here like bold and daring flavors, And I wondered if Humm's cuisine might be a bit soft for the challenging New York audience. Well which had been back in March. It didn't take long for Humm to win us over and since that first meal I have been back to Eleven Madison Park on three different occassions as a buying customer. Due to this, Here are some is not a review of a single meal but a compilation of the four meals I have had at the restaurant. You can find a few themes that run through Humm's cuisine. He loves starting a meal with with tomatoes or beets which he typically kind comments with another vegetable. On our first visit Humm served roasted beets with a saffron poached apple wearing a Madras curry vinaigrette. The feel of the beet and apple combination was interesting, And lots of people of acidity and sugar was perfectly balanced by the savory flavors in the Madras curry sauce. Then at a dinner a few weeks later he served a tomato and carrot nage with sweet corn and tapioca that was just terrific, That point with the creaminess of the carrot spiked by the sweetness and acidity of the tomato. Then as spring was seeking summer, Humm began pairing tomato and melon and on my last two visits he served us melon grilled with tomatoes dotted with bits of zucchini and served with basil and balsamic vinegar, In mid-September, At the height of the tomato and melon season, He had dispensed with the desire to grill the fruits in order to extract their sweetness and we were served a delicious and refreshing salad of heirloom tomatoes and watermelon served with basil and dressed in an almond vanilla vinaigrette. Humm focuses primarily on sea urchin, Typically served in a condition of extreme creaminess. An amuse of cauliflower mousse with sea urchin cappuccino served with a peaky toe crab salad in a martini glass was a lot similar to a course than an amuse, And was every bit as rich as seems. A classic one bite dish, Meaning it only took one bite to gauge the amount of deliciousness. Then at another meal it was as if he split the creaminess into two by giving a"Ideal of Eggs" Which combined a natural egg served with a sea urchin cream and Osetra caviar. Then a dish of hot and cold scallop with sea urchin cream and Osetra caviar took the concept in a unique direction. And sea urchin isn't a common super-Rich component that Humm has a handle on. During a recent visit he served a superbly creamy torchon of foie gras filled with aged Vermont maple syrup. The proper balance of sweetness added to the super-Foamy liver. Seafood anyone? It can also be a of Humm's strengths and he approaches shellfish from various directions. Commonly he pairs shellfish with citrus as he did in a dish of diced scallops with hearts of palm, Grapefruit portions, Grapefruit juice when combined olive oil, Walnuts and rock salt. A butter poached langoustine along with a wonderful specimen of a diver scallop in an orange and carrot nage with carrot, Ginger herb, Cilantro, Pearl carrots and pearl tapioca was easily the best dish we had on the night time it was served. But he can also be subtle as he proved with a lovely plating of a carpaccio of wild king salmon with scallops and lobster that was dotted with a small spoon of Osetra caviar. A more historically styled shellfish dish was his butter poached Scottish langoustine with Sauce Corail paired with Monetegottero olive oil, Cost a lot good, Was less prosperous than the other shellfish dishes we were served. Individuals ate at Campton Place during Humm's reign there, I had found that the particular weakest part of his repetoire were his entrees. And on my first few visits to Eleven Mad this disorder seemed to follow him to New York. We were served various fish courses that were somewhat ordinary, And a dish of crisp skinned suckling pig with an apple cider and saffron puree was good but not up to the caliber of the other dishes at the meal. Basically my next visit, A dish that was organized around what appeared as if a top-Class lamb chop didn't please me. But I guess I'm third time lucky because on my next visit our captain presented us with a gorgeous specimen of a duck that were stuffed with a bundle of lavender. Humm's "Jasmine and Honey Roast Muscovey Duck" Was then whisked away and returned of this breast sliced meat sliced and served with baby carrots and a smooth carrot puree. Now this is a superb dish. I usually struggle with entrees because their reliance on huge chunks of foods makes it difficult for a chef to create an interesting dish. But Humm has overcome that hurdle with this dish and he has created a mini-Mona lisa. The dish is somewhat harking back to Alain Senderen's Canard Apicius, As lots of people of a crust of wild honey and spices is similar to the Senderen's preparation. But instead of Senderen's wet spice sauce, Humm applies a thin coating of spices and honey which translates to the duck having a lovely brown crust. The lavender adds a superbly subtle aroma and each bite is a joy. In fact the dish was so good that friends and neighbors and I now always request that it be served as a main course at the end of the tasting menu. Worthy to become Humm's signature dish, And I counsel that you hurry down to your nearest train station, Or visit a plane, And book a table at Eleven Mad it is possible to try it. One thing that Humm hasn't managed to solve is how to combine the fine dining knowledge about an ambiance that is better suited for a restaurant in what we foodies typically describe as the"Upper middle item, While the restaurant resides in what is one of the most amazing rooms in the city, The room really doesn't project a fine dining experience. The USHG has tried to improve things by removing a number of tables from the kitchen. But even though downsizing, The catering is still serving 50-75% more meals a night than a location like Per Se serves. Sometimes that can have a negative impact on your meal and the food doesn't come out of the kitchen with attention to detail as one might find at the four star restaurants in the city. Not really, Humm's style can nevertheless be too subtle for my taste. I love Humm's food when he decides to turn up the power of the flavors. And when he pairs intense flavors with rich and creamy designs, His food is on a par with what the top chefs globally are turning out. But when he is rue a more subtle approach, While creating some good dishes, It shouldn't move me to the same extent. Finally the menu definitely appears changing too often. I know that Humm's cuisine draws on seasonal ingredients, But he needs to think of a few recipes that he can serve on a year round basis. Originality is great but is better showcased when anchored by stability. Humm should take a page from Thomas Keller's book on how to balance seasonal and special. While it's great to serve the most known ingredients at the height of the season, The signature dishes allow diners to pass along advise that is consistant from meal to meal. I suspect that one of these consistancy helps a restaurant build their clientele. I should also add that the dining room management team at Eleven Mad has been completely revamped and the restaurant has lured long term Charlie Trotter manager Mitchell Schmerdling to run the front entrance, And John Regan has followed Daniel to the dining from Campton Place as wine director. Both of them have done an admirable job of keeping us happy, Especially John who has managed to walk a tightrope on an assortment of occasions when he had to handle numerous bottles of wines for our dinners at the restaurant. The new Eleven Madison Park is a welcome addition to the town. And while i don't know that given the size of the restaurant and the other constraints of the physical space, The restaurant will ever be able to compete with the Jean George's and Per Se's of the universe in terms of serious dining, It is a vast improvement over what they're serving at places like Cafe Gray, The city, Or maybe Gramercy Tavern. Maybe with time, Humm can discover how to split the middle in a way that makes sense, And turn the restaurant into one that the fine dining crowd frequents when they want a better casual meal than one would get at at the highest level of dining. Their-

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