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Published: Thursday 15 December, 2016

Legos move 50 Ever wondered what percentage of the Earth's weight comprises Legos? Enthusiasts Nike Air Max Mens plastic building brick turned 50 this year, And the Lego company estimates that during the period of five decades it has sold some 400 billion Legos. From the initial rectangular brick, Lego now makes throughout 2,400 structure. The Lego universe has expanded to include free free games, Motion pictures, Catalogs, Theme parks, Even a to kind of kids' shoes. Lego has even spawned its own foreign tongue. "Brickfilms" Are window window tinting films, Commonly in stop motion, Expressed by fans. A LUG is a Lego User sector, An network for fans. MOC represent My On Creation, Fans' building homemade a project usually posted on LUGs. AFOLs are grown Fans of Lego. Their email list of things re created in Legos is mind boggling. Aircraft providers. Yankee athletic field. Nativity moments. Wedding and reception cake toppers. Eileen Jackson's"Thriller" Television. Any"Death and the maiden, I would say some sort of Pargenerallynon. Portraits of obama. Here's a short look at how it all started, In a workshop in Denmark. 1932: A Danish carpenter named Ole Kirk Christiansen switches from crafting house your bedroom piece of furniture pieces to wooden toys. To call his toy company, He coins the definition of"Lego, From your Danish words"Lower-lower knee" In addition to"godt, Definition"Play let me tell you, 1939: An english toymaker named Harry Fisher Page invents plastic blocks that lock together. 1947: Christiansen detects the plastic blocks and begins to refine their design.

1958: Lego design evolves to the state now that we know it, Employing the"Stud and tube combining system" Produces for stable, Long lasting, Interlock bricks. Bricks from this era still support new ones. 1961: The Lego wheel is made. 1966: The first Lego motor train debuts. Norman Mailer builds a utopian City into the future in his living room, Use of 15,000 Legos. It's featured on the duvet of his book"Cannibals and christian believers, 1967: Supersized Duplos, Relating to small hands, Are published. 1968: Legoland theme park opens in Billund, Denmark. Attractions include an enormous amount of miniatures, Life size jungle animals and the Statue of freedom, All crafted from Legos. 1975: The Expert Series is pushed, Boasting complex sets for older builders, With moving gears and cogs. 1978: The first minifigure is available, With moveable legs and arms and a tiny smiling face. Modern day, Website visitors to populate Lego houses and cities. 1978: All of the Lego's major patents expires. Hellooooo, Huge Bloks. 1979: Christiansen's son, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, Takes over an additional and introduces play themes such as Lego Space. 1980: In order to a survey, 70 percent of all eu families with kids younger than 14 have Lego bricks in their homes.

Most likely scattered in floor. 1989: Seymour Papert of durch, Nike Air Max 90 A longtime supporter of kids' using computers to learn, Is named Lego tutor of Learning Research. The Lego Mindstorms line of robotic toys is known as after his book. Legoland Windsor theme park opens in England. It offers a model of St. Paul's Cathedral constituted of Legos. 1999: The specific first"Alien" Lego sets are freed, Ending the era of smelly model glue and turning over Lego history. Mechanics sets from"Harry knitter" To make sure you"Indianapolis Jones" Which can"SpongeBob SquarePants" Will abide by. Legoland California theme park opens in Carlsbad, Calif. It provides a model of Mount Rushmore made from Legos. 2001: The Bionicles distinct heavily armored, Half robotic a warrior is released. They are made without a single ordinary brick. On-line on-line games, Comic books and movies will track. The Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle becomes a huge top pick, Using more than 1 million sets sold. Brendan Powell Smith launches The Brick testomony Web site, An illustrated Bible exceeding 3,600 designs made from Legos. The enterprise is ongoing, Not too long ago updated with the Book of Job. 2002: The music activity video for the White Stripes hit"Fell motivated by a Girl" Re creates this rock band as animated Legos. Legoland Deutschland theme park opens in Germany. It provides a model of the Reichstag building made from Legos.

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