News; Nike Kids Mercurial Superfly Elite Pack AG Soccer Cleats - Pure

Published: Thursday 20 October, 2016

Footwear that fit over AFOs We've been hunting for a Nike Kids Mercurial Superfly Elite Pack AG Soccer Cleats - Pure Platinum/Ghost Green/Black good shoe that fits over AFOs that doesn't have a bulky sole to get in the way of a little boy just getting the courage to stand up and take a few steps. Do any of you might have any that worked for you? We found some at Target that have a fairly soft rubber bottom and a sock like upper but we've had them for less then a month and he's already torn holes in them as they crawls so much. He keeps tearing the toe strap off of his AFOs by having his crawling, Any ideas on that besides producing shoes?

I second New Balance because they may be about $35. Way cheaper Kids Soccer Cleats than Stride Rite and most of the special shoes, Whilst they are great too. The past few times I've had to buy shoes for Nate, I just took his braces surfing and left him at home, Lol. I went to stores and shoes stores and showed them the brace and asked what they had. Twice I've found Nikes that worked great. When he was roughly more or less 2, I found one referred to as Nike Peanut, And it had a very variable sole. And right now he has Nike Shox that he has gotten many words of flattery on. :)

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