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Published: Monday 08 August, 2016

Kmart in connection with Bangladesh factory worker abuse Impoverished Bangladeshi workers claim they are physically abused and threatened while working in sweatshops used by some of Australia's best known retailers. Nike Kids What The Mercurial Superfly FG Soccer Cleats - Black/Red/Blue/Yellow In a case, They were beaten and their employees were told they would be killed if they protested against working conditions. The ABC's Four Corners program has travelled to the nation's capital Dhaka, Where very workers revealed big Australian brands including Rivers, Coles, Target and Kmart ordered clothes from factories in Bangladesh that did not meet arena standards. The revelations come just months after abroad outcry over the tragic building collapse in Rana Plaza, Which killed even beyond 1,000 people and highlighted the plight of the country's garment workers. Tips:Vendors Rivers, Coles, Target and Kmart accused of ordering clothes from Bangladeshi factories that flout external standardsAustralian companies refuse to talk to Four CornersGarment workers say they were physically and verbally abusedColes workers allegedly told they would be killed if they did not 'shut their mouths'Bangladesh set to overtake China as world's largest garment producerKmart, Treat, A lot of time New, Cotton On only four Australian companies to opt-in to safety accord As the death toll through Rana collapse mounted, Point retailers distanced themselves from the industry. The collapse was the latest in numerous fatal factory incidents, But local operators say they are squeezed so hard by retailers they can't afford to ensure their factories are safe. While no Australian companies would talk to Four Corners, Workers in Dhaka described unpleasant conditions that see them work long hours for little pay,Sometimes in threat of abuse if deadlines are not met. Four Corners reporter Sarah Ferguson shares her final thoughts of the garment factories in Bangladesh Workers describe abusive sweatshop conditionsShahanas and Salma met the Four Corners crew a safe distance from the homes.

Best Nike Kids What The Mercurial Superfly FG Soccer Cleats - Black/Red/Blue/Yellow

They are paid $3 a day employed by Australian brand Rivers, And appear at first sight put under intolerable pressure. "The machine is how many pieces I have delivered in an hour? If could not meet it, The abusive appropriate verbal starts, Shahanas believed. "They slap us on the face area, On the pinnacle and on the back. "Some workers cry during that time. They cry while they're undertaking, Salma stated. They slap us on the public presence, On the top and on the back. Some workers cry thought to be. They cry while they're doing the job. Shahanas says her wage is so small she can only go home to her village to see her son sometimes. Four Corners travelled to the outskirts of Dhaka to go to the manager of Shahanas and Salma's factory, Eve Dress tt-tee shirts. But the executive denied making clothes for Rivers. Based on Shahanas, When foreign buyers visit the factory the staff is forbidden to speak to them. Four Corners asked brooks, Which has more than 150 stores and a web business in Australia, About their relationships with Eve Dress Shirts, But they didn't respond. Tradesmen told to shut up or be killedlaborers at the Rosita factory, Which made fabric for Coles, Paid its workers 22 cents each hour. The US based Institute of Global labour and Human Rights says it learnt about the well-known abuse of workers at the Rosita factory in 2012. The organisation's spokesperson, Kids Soccer Cleats With Sock Charles Kernaghan, Says when workers inquired about their rights, The turned on them beating workers and firing 300. He says the workers' distributors were told they would be killed if they did not"Shut their lip area, The ABC has not verified the suggestions. "We came upon that the Rosita and Megatex was owned by South Ocean, Which is the largest Chinese label of sweaters in the world and they were cheating the workers in every single way imaginable, Mr Kernaghan thought. Staff is being arrested, Overwhelmed, Tortured, Uneasy with sexual harassment, Just and much more and on. This was an unhappy sweatshop.

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