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Published: Wednesday 20 July, 2016

Mark Hardy's imag Teddy Long announces that the top level with be"Trend in a Cage" With Edge john Jericho vs. Jeff Hardy Rey Mysterio with CM Punk as the precise guest referee.Will get some more in depth ones hopefully. Am glad that r truth and morrison are becoming pushes as much deserved. Frank Jericho, Dolph Ziggler, EdgeFirst out is Jeff Hardy in full face painting as his music hits the arena. Accompanied next by The Great Khali. Next out is Rey Mysterio as his music appears to be. Frank Jericho's music hits as he's announcedto the ring next. Out next is Dolph Ziggler as his music tunes in the arena.Then you need to Edge comes out to the ring. The men begin to look at each other but i really enjoy seeing a 7th man comes out, CM Punk's music gets. They all look up watching him walk down to theannouncer's table. Kids Soccer Cleats The bell bandz. The match starts with Khali clubbing away at Dolph Ziggler. Chris Jericho is tagged in and slaps The Great Khali all through face. Jeff Hardy taking a huge risk witha high flying manuevor as well as Rey Mysterio. Next top Khali tries to jump off the top rope but fails. The show count down clock said 23 minutes before the last man standing match in thecorner Rey Mysterio with a 619. Jericho tag words in Ziggler. Ziggler tag words in Edge. Mysterio with a shot to the pinnacle on Edge. Jeff Hardy is branded in. Hardy knocking Jericho and Ziggler off the inside ofthe ring. Edge spears Hardy illegitimately. Edge warrior spears Khali. Mysterio by way of double 619 on Edge. Jericho tries to get rid of the match. Mysterio arrives at a back moonsault on Jericho.

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Jeff Hardy with aSwanton Bomb to win.Victorious: Jeff healthy, Top Khali, Rey MysterioThe Hardy Show is definitely the Red Hot 4th of July Fireworks Sale! My way through the shop, Including the popular BONES DVD, Is an astounding 20% off! Generally MISS THISINSANE SALE. It's for a confined time only, So profit from these amazing savings today!When you think things can't improve, They undoubtedly! Any time you preorder the BONES DVD today, The 1st ever 6 hour DVD in bicycles of THS, You save even more than the marketed 20%! You would have paid$36 dollars rather than the normal $45. Remember, though, If you preorder the BONES DVD at this moment, You'll pay only $31.99, A price reductions of over $13 dollars. It's really a can't pass up offer!The BONES DVD contains all the preferred episodes that haven't been released yet, Or an hour long"Can't stop joking" Outtake fishing baitcasting fly fishing reel,And also 6 special extra symptoms, Nike Kids What The Mercurial Superfly FG Soccer Cleats Such"ThursdayNight"And 4 season one LOST symptoms! This is the most important for any Hardy fan especially at this incredible price!Ill be publishing the video ASAP for y'allIn a recent Twitter update, Jeff Hardy appeared to highlight his current status with World Wrestling Entertainment.The page, Issued sat evening, States that he's"Week2week, Implying that he still has not locked down a long term plan for his future with the corporation. All indications from recent reports arethat Hardy may ultimately sign a WWE contract renewal, Although there remains a strong possibility that he will take some time off before fulfilling the commitments of that renewed deal. WWE keeps veryhigh on Hardy; A recent tidbit in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter cited a source in with reference to Hardy as its"Most in-demand wrestler.Abyss aka Chris Parks stated on his time with Jeff Hardy in TNA"I really enjoyed working with Jeff Hardy and working with Sting as long as I did. The garment had been a

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