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Published: Monday 22 February, 2016

BNSF intermodal expansion feeds city's distribution base When BNSF Railway finishes its Asics Running Shoes Mens million expansion at Shelby Drive and Lamar in 2009, five of the largest wide span cranes in the country will be in Memphis, moving imports from rail to truck one of the most choreographed industrial movements of the 21st century. "You'll have people bumping into each other on Shelby Drive looking at them," said Scott Jenkins, BNSF's intermodal manager in Memphis. They'll be bright orange, for one thing. But they'll also be about eight stories tall and have enough reach to extend over six lines of railroad track and three lines of truck traffic. In terms of multitasking, they will mean crane operators will be able to unload directly from rail to waiting trucks or vice versa. If need be, they can stack the boxes on the ground, allowing the railroad to build trainloads before the locomotive is in town. "The cranes will give us a million (containers per year) in lift capacity," Jenkins said, "positioning us to be able to take the growth as it comes." BNSF's investment in Memphis more than doubles local intermodal capacity, good news for BNSF but even better for the city, which builds much of its case for company expansions on the city's might as a distribution base. "Their expansion certainly gives us another option for being able to move product in an efficient manner," said Dexter Muller, senior vice president for community development at the Memphis Regional Chamber. "It clearly makes BNSF the largest of the railroads operating in Memphis. We couldn't be more pleased.

Asics Gel Kinsei 6 Mens Running Shoes - Royal/White/Yellow

Containers waiting to be trucked out this week were full of pots and pans for Williams Sonoma, Nike shoes and countless other raw materials for manufacturers across the Mid South. "The expansion should be much easier for our trucks to get in out of that facility," said Mike Bruns, president of Comtrak Logistics. "In the end, we'll all save money, but we should also be able to grow the top line because customers who have never tried intermodal we think will be more willing to, with the more fluid access." More than 70 percent of BNSF's local customers are within 12 to 15 miles of the yard, including the majority of warehouses in southeast Memphis and North Mississippi. As the number of imports increases, the Association of American Highway and Transportation Officials estimates that rail traffic in general will increase by more than 50 percent by 2020. It expects international container traffic alone will double in the next 20 years. The railroads are investing mightily to harness capacity. This year, BNSF will spend $2.5 billion to maintain and expand facilities, including the first phase of a Asics Gel Kinsei 6 million intermodal yard outside Kansas City. Canadian National, expecting a windfall from the newly opened harbor in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, has invested more than $100 million in Memphis to catch the stream of imports destined for the Southeast, where population since the 1970 Census has grown 83 percent. Combined, railroads will spend $9.4 billion this year on maintenance and expansion, "but even that won't be enough to meet the projected pace of demand for freight transportation," said Steve Forsberg, BNSF spokesman. BNSF, hemmed by Lamar and Shelby Drive, began buying land in 2005 west of Lamar. It has spent much of this year leveling its 150 acre addition, which spreads like a moonscape from Perkins to Shelby Drive along Lamar. "We've moved 500,000 cubic yards of dirt to date," Jenkins says, as he ambles his SUV over ruts and puddles, pointing to hills and valleys that will be leveled before the expansion is done.

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