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Published: Friday 18 December, 2015

Bill gives choices to workers An editorial and several letters are distorting the truth about the Employee Free Choice Act. This act empowers the workers right to choose a secret ballot election, or "majority sign up" which (contrary to some Asics Running Shoes Mens editorial claims) is private even if it is verified by the National Labor Relations Board, who will also verify that no card was signed under threat or forged, if needed. The employees' wishes are not public until the process is past the intimidation point. Employers are not required to know who signed a card unless they request to know. That knowledge is not, in many cases, in the companies' best interests as it then affords the worker a higher degree of protection should harassment or firing take place. Regardless, it will be the employees' choice to decide that factor: election or sign up. Companies as large as AT have avoided protracted and expensive organizing campaigns by voluntarily agreeing to recognize the majority desire of its workers to negotiate through the government sanctioned collective bargaining process. The problem in the current system is that the overwhelming majority of company owners are not willing to do the same. The result is a government sanctioned election that takes a minimum of 30 days (most often more) to conduct, that allows companies (not unions) to threaten closure, harass open union sympathizers and fire those most outspoken as examples to the other workers. The result is devastating and most often results in the remaining employees voting in fear of job loss. The company actions are illegal, but the penalties are so weak they are willing to take the comparative slap on the wrist. The act eliminates stalling tactics often used to discourage workers once they have won the right to bargain. The new law will allow either party to request mediation after 90 days (a time period more than sufficient if both sides are serious) and if that is unsuccessful, an independent binding arbitration process can be requested. Verifiable polls indicate 60 million Americans would join a union if they had the chance, and did not have to fear losing their jobs. I would agree IMHO some of the executive pay is over the top. But then, I disagree with the government or some other entity outside the company regulating executive pay.

Asics Gel Nimbus 17 Mens Running Shoes - Green/White/Silver Web

As to these executives who get this high pay, how old are they? How many leadership positions have they attained? What is the level of education? All of which is considered in their pay packages (which BTW a large percentage is loaded with stock options and not cash per se). Now compare that to the workers. What is the deckplate employees education experience level? What decisions have they made that will/can adversely affect the company's stock value? Placing an arguement that executive officers make XYZ percentage more than the worker bees is like comparing apples to oranges. Not to mention is said worker bees are so miffed about their pay situation what are they doing about it to improve their pay situation? You know, education/certification to make them a stronger asset to a company? In most cases the executive officers have completed numerous levels of higher education (MBAs, PHDs etc) to get to where they are. In my job I hear a lot of whanking about pay, yet many of these same employees do nothing to make themselves more attractive to the boss. Most just want pay raises and promotions just because they have been there another year or X amount of years. Which is a load of poo. Unless unionized, a business is under no obligation to give employees raises/promotions based solely on their time with the company. Not to mention, the employee is under no obligation to the corporation either. It's a two way street. Talk about bringing this country down? The attitude that a vast majority of people have of getting something without Asics Gel Nimbus 17 earning it is one reason why this country has sunk to such low levels of mediocrity. But it is only one reason the people of this country are so weak, there are many others. By the way, would you like to sign this card?" This is the "free choice" you'd have under the "Employee Free Choice Act." I have only worked in one union shop, and I will never work for another. Most small companies would rather close, relocate and rename rather than go union, and I can't blame them.

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