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Published: Tuesday 08 December, 2015

Being mindful Valerie McMahon of Alzheimer's Australia SA spoke to residents of Elliot Kids Soccer Cleats Gardens about memory loss. She is pictured with a member of the Elliot Gardens Residents' Committee, Pauline Evans. When it comes to preparing for and coping better with memory loss, exercise your heart and your brain. These were key messages given by Valerie McMahon of Alzheimer's Australia SA, when she presented two seminars about memory loss and ageing at the Elliot Gardens Retirement Village in late April. "It's your heart which feeds oxygen into the brain and it's your brain which is responsible for creating and storing memory," Ms McMahon said. "So things like physical exercise, a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle can help in reducing the risk of dementia. And so will relieving stress and depression. "And people need to continually exercise their brain as well because as you get older part of the brain naturally loses some of its function and physical exercise can keep it healthier for longer.

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Ms McMahon said that memory loss was not associated with the gender of a person nor confined to particular age groups. She said it might be the first sign that something is not right, so those experiencing it should talk to their GP. She said memory loss is not dementia, which encompasses a broad range of brain diseases. She said Alzheimer's disease is one of them and the most common. Ms McMahon said for people over the age of 85, three out of 10 will have dementia. She spoke of Alzheimer's Australia's dementia risk reduction program, 'Your Brain Matters' a five step program that emphasises how preventive health measures can benefit your brain health. A total of 155 Nike Kids Mercurial Soccer Cleats people attended the sessions. Peter Darr, Elliot Gardens Residents' Committee chairman, said the group was pleased at the high level of interest shown by residents in getting information about memory loss and ageing. He said the group plans to have about three information sessions a year for residents on various subjects. The next seminar will deal with aged care costs, subsidies and the help available if someone has to move into aged care.

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