News; New Nike AIR MAX 2015 Men's Running Shoes - White/Orange

Published: Wednesday 18 November, 2015

Behind the pink silhouette PINK PROUD: Breast cancer survivor Pauline Prebble encourages all Air Max Mens  men and women to be proactive about their health. Picture: Lachlan Bence DIAGNOSIS hit Pauline Prebble hard and fast. Pauline had visited her doctor about a subtle change, thinking perhaps she was overreacting a little but best to be safe. She was seemingly feeling fine and healthy. Within 24 hours of that visit, Pauline was facing a complex and advanced breast cancer diagnosis. She was thrown into chemotherapy within the week.

New Nike AIR MAX 2015 Men's Running Shoes - White/Orange

"It was a whirlwind, not realising anything was wrong to something quite serious," Pauline said. "It gets to a point when you can't hear any more. You can't translate properly what all the doctors are telling you." Both Pauline's parents had cancer. But the reality about her experience was nothing like what she had imagined, especially all the descriptions about noticing lumps. Ballarat breakfast radio hosts Jules Zass and Ross Watson had been delivering a one month self check reminder. Something about their community message stuck. That was when Pauline noticed a flat spot in her breast after showering. Pauline is a welfare officer. Suddenly she was unsure and needing help. Clients were comforting her. A friend encouraged her to ring the Breast Cancer Network Australia for a 'My Journey' kit. Pauline had seen Nike AIR MAX 2015 BCNA's Pink Lady merchandise but had no idea what was behind the silhouette. It became her grounding. The kit broke down treatment lingo into terms Pauline could understand. She tapped into an online support forum for men and women. BCNA put Pauline in touch with Ballarat breast cancer supped breast cancer support group Pink Phoenix. Fellow members accepted her without judgement or pity. Pauline could be herself and how she was feeling in that moment. After 14 months on her journey, Pauline is proud to promote breast cancer awareness. "You can't take the risk," Pauline said. "For a lot of women, it might be embarrassing to ask your GP but the worst thing to happen is they'll tell you your're fine."

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