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Published: Monday 16 November, 2015

Adam Brody opens up about his role more Set spectator extraordinaire Bananadoc was back in action Wednesday night, and scored a few pictures of a scene shot on Center St. in Northville, MI, in which Sheriff Dewey and his cavalry were taking to Asics Running Shoes Mens the open road. So in the middle of the evening I decided to drive down to see if I could get a little more info. Ironically, I bought some bananas (3lb for a $ at Hillers, Northville readers!) and the checkout guy told me that he had heard they would be filming some scenes right outside from 9pm to 3am. Aha! None of this info is a closely guarded secret, the local community nearby the shots is informed what going on. I drove down the street and started to see the white vans and suburbans on the move. The adrenaline begins to flow! A little further and I saw that a mini Base Camp had been set up at the Northville Downs race track. I was about to investigate further when I saw the flashing lights, and a flat bed trailer appeared from nowhere with a film crew and a Woodsboro Police Car containing David Arquette, flanked by the real local Police. (You can read his full report here.) Bananadoc also offered a rare image from the secretive Clement Rd. location (taken by his young prot via his Michigan Movies and More page.

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The photo depicts the home, with a blacked out porch and protective crime scene tape, in which much of the finale action is expected to take place. Meanwhile, Arquette, who celebrated his birthday on Wednesday, took to Twitter while on a break from filming to share a picture of the cake he received from director Wes Craven and Craven wife, Iya Labunka (who also serves as co producer for the film). The actor also posted a behind the scenes shot with the caption: Filming a car scene in Northville on my birthday. It was fun! It also a funny one where it all night shoots. It was cool and kind of surreal not just to see Ghostface, but there was one night where Wes [Craven] was directing Ghostface in his mask. He like, you over there It was just surreal: I wish I had my camera. But to do the scenes not only in or do them with Ghostface, but to do them with David Arquette, Courteney Cox and Neve Campbell was weird. It cool, but it truly is a surreal experience was a conversation recently about the levels of meta that Scream and other contemporary films draw from that Scream 4 draws from Scream, and Scream itself called out the conventions of a whole genre and how self awareness just kind of trickles down. And this one like meta on meta on meta. Self referencing Gel Noosa Tri 10 on self referencing. But again, because the first one is about movies, and this one about movies and all the murders that have taken place onscreen over the years. This one all about commenting on itself. And I like that. It part of the fun. But that right: I think everything is more meta and self referential now. I think people are more plugged in, communication works faster, people are more educated about it how it did or whatever. Even Apatow there nothing about it, but it references events. People are doing more of that in movies and pop culture in the moment. (In other Brody news, the actor issued a public apology to Kristen Stewart via MTV News for comments that he made which, upon reflection, he called These Scream newbies really should know better than to mess with Twilight.

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