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Published: Wednesday 11 November, 2015

A Victor Harbor ALDI store might be on the cards The Aldi store is proposed to have a floor area of 1544 square metres, of which 1019 square metres are for retail space. In comparison, Woolworths Victor Harbor has a floor area of 3736 square metres Nike Flyknit Mens plus a mezzanine level, and the retail area is greater than 2500 square metres. Select Architects of Adelaide lodged the application with the City of Victor Harbor. The development is proposed for land that is currently zoned as residential. However, the shops proposed would be greater in size than what is currently allowed for retail premises in residential areas. A report to CDAP said if the panel voted to assess the application, the project will be treated as a Category 3 non compliant development. This will mean the proposal will require full public consultation and more information about the project will need to be supplied by the applicant. From there, the application will need to be presented to the CDAP panel at a later date for assessment. At Tuesday's meeting, the CDAP voted to continue with the assessment of the application. Ben Coventry, the council's planning and building manager, advised the panel he considered the proposal was not seriously at variance with the development plan at this stage.

NIKE FLYKNIT 5.0 Mens Running Shoes - blue/grey/white

"This initial opinion is based on a limited assessment of the application, existing development within the locality and provisions for non residential development within the residential zone," he said. "Further consideration of the merits of the application is warranted." CDAP member Kate Sheirlaw said the proposal was not something the panel could really say no to just because it was at variance with the zoning. She suggested the proposed development may cater for houses and other businesses in the vicinity. "It's servicing Nike Flyknit 5.0 a local area still," she said. CDAP member Phil Smith said the proposal is seriously at variance to the residential zoning and was interested in hearing the views of a retail expert to investigate the viability of the project. "I'm prevented from supporting this," he said. "Is this a good spot for a local centre?" Councillor Barbara Bond said planners needed to find out exactly how many car parks would be available at the site. She said a number of medical facilities across Victor Harbor were short on parking spaces and the proposal would need to have appropriate parking for shoppers and people visiting the medical centre. Councillor Pat Chigwidden said if the application proceeds to further assessment, it will be Category 3 and the community would have an opportunity to express their views. Member for Finniss Michael Pengilly said he had a meeting with an Aldi representative last week. Mr Pengilly said Aldi saw an opportunity to possibly start in Victor Harbor, given the area's growth.

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