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Published: Friday 09 October, 2015

Gulfport mayoral candidates both bring adventure "I'm proud of my background, He explained. Nike Air Max Mens  "After all, What i did so far, I feel like I've paid attention to the people. I've tried to do my best to be an agent, Henderson will be going on former city council member and Gulfport native Bob Worthington. "I want to maintain the type of the town that we have and the level of service, Henderson these.

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"We're a full satisfaction city in Gulfport. Some of stuff we offer are rare in towns our size. "I know that I'm not being an elected official to carry my agenda forward that I have to carry the agenda of the individuals forward, Nike Air Max Zero Black Worthington asserted. Both candidates said they have big goals and high hopes for the city. "Aided by the traffic that we get on the Pinellas Trail, I want to delineate that trail and get bikers and pedestrians and rollerbladers and people who are out without a motorized vehicle and guide them into our waterfront district, Henderson cited.

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