News; NIKE FLYKNIT 5.0 Mens Running Shoes - blue/green

Published: Friday 25 September, 2015

GPS shoes for alzheimer's disease patients A shoemaker and a technology company are teaming up to develop footwear with a builtin GPS device that could help uncover"Walking" Seniors battling with Alzheimer's Disease. "The technology will provide the Nike Flyknit Mens positioning of the individual wearing the shoes within 9m(30 feet), Anywhere globally, Said phil Carle, An assistant professor at George Mason higher educatoin institutions who served as an advisor on the project. "Sixty per cent of men and women afflicted with Alzheimer's Disease will be involved in a 'critical wandering incident' at least once during the progression of the disease many more than once, He was quoted saying.

NIKE FLYKNIT 5.0 Mens Running Shoes - blue/green

The shoes are being put together by GTX Corp, Which makes miniaturised gps Satellite tracking and locationtransmitting technology, And Aetrex world, A footwear organization. Carle said embedding a GPS device in a shoe was important because Alzheimer's victims tend to remove unfamiliar objects placed on them but getting dressed belongs to the last types of memory they retain. NIKE FLYKNIT 5.0 Mens He explained a"Geofence" Could be placed around your home and a"Google and yahoo Map" Alert sent to a mobile phone, House or office computer when a programmed boundary is crossed.

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