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Published: Tuesday 01 September, 2015

GTX 660 TI FTW worthy advance from XFX Radeon HD 6950 Well a 6950 is just about equivelant to a gtx650ti boost or 7850. So a 660ti should make a fair modernize, Not massive, But noticeable improving. The 660ti is more or less a weak spot, Nike Air Huarache Valuewise. For around a similar price you can usually get a 7950 ghz edition which is a good amount faster. Any particular grounds for NVidia switch?

Cheap Nike Air Huarache Mens Running Shoes Black White Sale

Cheap Nike Air Huarache Mens Running Shoes Black White Sale

At the time the only reasons I can think of are PhysX and better Multigpu performance. If you could put away another $50 you could get a 670 which I think is better price/performance than the 660ti. If you can get the 7950 ghz edition its totally worth it for around a similar price. From general observations the factory OC'd gtx6xx series is a bit of a scam, The OC is additional hand boost clock, And it doesn't invariably hit the boost clock. It's important force the clock rate manually with NVidia inspector to OC with a set clock rate, I have had no luck with protecting boost clock speeds with either the factory OC, Msi afterburner, Or accuracy x, Often I get random clock drops to like 500mhz for no reason in support of a reboot, Or NVidia inspector compelled clock can fix this. I almost wish I had just got a 7870 associated with my 660 for overclocking, But then Football Training Shoes-Men  I might crappy drivers and no PhysX, And poor adjustable gpu. If I were in your shoes id get the 7950 ghz if your only aiming to use single card, If your preparing to sli/crossfire later and want physx, Then accept the NVidia. Although id probably just get a less expensive model with good cooling and OC it myself.

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