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Published: Monday 17 August, 2015

Great wire walk set for today as Nik Wallenda attempts Niagara Falls crossing NIAGARA lowers, Ont. Nik Wallenda is hopeful of making history today as he attempts to be the first person to walk across Niagara Falls on a tightrope. ET, Nike Magista Obra FG Wallenda will cross from the American side to the Canadian side of the falls on a 500metre wire halted 60 metres above the churning water. Wallenda estimates that the walk cost him $1.3 million the pricetag includes the fabrication and installing of the custommade steel wire, Permits and security on either side of the border as well as travel and marketing. He is recouping a bit of the costs through a deal with ABC to air his walk on a live special, May air on CTV in Canada. The Niagara Falls Parks fee expects 120,000 people to get together on the Ontario side of the falls when Wallenda attempts his walk.

Buy New Nike Magista Obra FG Soccer Cleats USA - Grey/Blue

Buy New Nike Magista Obra FG Soccer Cleats USA - Grey/Blue

Wallenda, 33, Develops from a long line of aerialists as a member of the Flying Wallenda family, Nike Soccer Cleats Features big though nimble shoes to fill. But it certainly won't be an added burden to Wallenda, His parent said. "I don't think it's more pressure than normal, I think for him it's a lot of enjoyment, Terry Troffer said in interviews. "He's just thrilled that he can carry on a family tradition, During Wallenda's crossing Troffer will be in a control room filled with producers and directors handling the live television special and will have a direct line to his son. Troffer, Himself an experienced wire walker, Will be talking to Wallenda with the ear piece his son will wear, Talking him through the wet and windy conditions that may possibly arise. "I would just be there as a calming voice in the event that he were to feel overwhelmed with many different things coming at him all at once,--" Troffer replied.

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