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Published: Monday 27 July, 2015

I just go and open the project and compile the last working build and give the executable to enable them to carry on their work and not wait for me to fix it(May take very long). I am utilizing Delphi on both the projects. Keep in if project B were also in svn, Then you can update your working directory to the state at any commit, Besides the states you decided(Right then and there) Might come in handy. Suppose you took a copy on the 10th, Nike Mercurial Superfly FG Soccer Cleats - Hyper-Punch-Gold/Black Fixed a bug concerning 11th, And on the 12th added an element and made another copy. If you later took it to the version with the bug fix but not the feature, That you mayn With svn it is easy to. I always employ source control(Mercurial inside the home, Git svn at the job), Even for the projects. It simply doesn male sense not to. Mark presentation areas Dec 14 '11 at 15:29 Nike Soccer Cleats Hyper Punch Rationale I do folder backups for the project B is that Sometimes the build given to the client fails/buggy so instead of which makes them wait for it to fix I just go and open the project and compile the last working build and give the exe This is exactly the problem source control is meant to solve(Taking branches/tags). You would do yourself a favor in the end by switching to SVN. A person realise how wise such a movement was(May have been) The first time you need to provide a hotfix to a bug in an older version while you are in the midst of developing a new feature in the latest version, Which should not be deployed yet. Utilizing SVN, Merging between different branches is way easier and safer than manual diff merge between different backup article submission sites. In project A after you reached a critical mass of commits that are acceptable you can all push them to the subversion repository(Producing HgSubversion). If the sheer number of commits is a Problem you can use either mercurial queues(Mini seminar) Or make a little homemade fix by spinning all your commits into one. Nike Mercurial Superfly FG As an example export them all as patches easily done with TortoiseHg and then import them into the repository again. Then commit along with all your changes in one commit. To use HgSubversion you will the Python SVN bindings. At TortoiseHg(Windows mercurial patient) Above are included so you just download the HgSubversion source, Include the path in the hgrc file and are prepared to go. Backup the whole source repository daily on another server/drive. Corruption/loss of source databases may happen, And it is the only method to recover the the whole history of your changes, Not only the final version. There is a question on SO on what is may well be the backup an SVN repository. Tag/Branch your minor/major improvements. If of these types of builds is released to the client, And breaks down, You should fix that branch and release a fix, And report the progres to the HEAD branch. Often, Rustic, handcrafted lighting, You can find valid reasons to not fix a previous version(As you claims), And releasing the latest version that already fixed the problem may be the best answer. Nevertheless, This is the choice, And the only method to be able to fix a previous version is to have it in the repository, AND to tag it in a healthy way.

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