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Published: Thursday 28 May, 2015

Technology Expand the Horizons of Traditional Qualitative Research As we gird yourself to turn the page on another year, It's amazing to consider just how far qualitative research has come and just how much it can deliver since it began not that long ago. Qualitative research Nike Soccer Cleats Orange to find out what customers were thinking grew out of customers having to consider what they were buying. When there were fewer choices you can get, Consumers weren't required to think much about making choices. See CocaCola. Initially, There is CocaCola, Basically. We now have Coke, Cola Zero, CaffeineFree cola, DietFree diet pepsi, CocaCola with the help of Lime, CocaCola with lime, CocaCola Black Cherry vanilla flavour, And a slew of other sorts. But as consumer goods exploded in variety and favorable circumstance, Consumer choice became more pronounced, And thanks why consumers made the choices they did became the holy grail of marketers. Nike Mercurial Superfly AG Until finally a decade or so ago, Grasping consumer choice was primarily a function of focus group research. The idea was to gather an agent sample of consumers or potential consumers, Bring them along side each other in a room, And have a moderator ask them inquiries to reveal their likes, Disfavors, Thoughts and sentiments, Tips, And. On the consumer product, Endorsing concept, Or some other strategy that a client was contemplating. These opinions would be organized in voluminous reports and fed back to the client to either reinforce what the client was preparing to do, Or to retool to mirror consumer attitudes that were at variance with what the client predicted. While superior people to another research tool quantitative research, Usually as gathered through surveys of hundreds of shoppers the qualitative research provided by focus groups had hidden flaws. Unseen to anyone watching a focus group was the option that some members were inhibited by a lack of anonymity, Nike Mercurial Superfly AG Or were keen on impressing another focus group member than in informing the moderator. Strong and weak stars were accentuated in focus groups, Giving excess fat to the feedback of the former and less to the feedback from the latter. Even the composition of the group itself has been flawed and not accurately represented the market. Current fight, Focus groups were also exclusive, Difficult to build on short notice, And limited by geography a serious drawback for national and point brands. The end result? Dubious research, Slowly harvested, But at an excellent price. The advent of the Internet seduced a lot of marketers into thinking that all the drawbacks of study could be overcome with the ease, Economy and reach of line. Need consumer comments? Send a lot of fun email. We call this researching the market 1.0. Early webbased review provided speed and economy, But their great drawback was the standard of respondents and responses. Then Qualvu came along and developed what you can imagine as Market Research 2.0. Qualvu innovated a breakthrough online methodology for digging out highquality responses from fastidiously selected panelistsarmed with pocketsized webcams, Flip cams or mobile phones unhindered by geographyand to do all this at lower cost and higher speed. So compelling are the responses that clients are able to view consumers as they directly talk with a product and deliver truthful feedback untainted by the dynamics of a focus group or some other social factor. Qualvu then converted the feedback into highlight reels and video reports through a private process and technology so that clients could easily digest, Share and discuss the study results. Qualvu's next innovation was to put this power directly within reach of clients through a DIY portal. Clients can choose how much or how little help they need in developing questions, Selecting people and analyzing results. Clients have handson access to any consumer any location 24/7 so that they can gain an understanding of their customers that up to this point was impossible and they can do it with speed, Control and function.

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