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Published: Thursday 26 March, 2015

The scary truth News in Science ABC Science Sports shoes are not designed to help the average punter and may do more damage than good, Says an Australian podiatric doctor. Speaking at the Australian discussion of Science and Medicine in Sport last week, Nike Roshe Run Mens Simon Bartold from the or perhaps of South Australia said it was a myth that shoes with softer midsoles provide better cushioning. Anything placed between the foot and the surface it is hitting inhibits normal proprioreceptive feedback, The chatter going from the foot to the brain, Mr Bartold shown. "So you completely alter just how you run, The effectivity and the function with which you run, Nike Roshe Run All Black "Your research now is looking at enhancing the foot rather than trying to control it or contain it, Marriage ceremony new research. The ideas that harder midsoles attenuate shock better than soft soles has been public since 1987. "We've known about it for a, Many years, Recounted Mr Bartold. Problem, According to him, Is that many sports shoe manufacturers have spent a lot of money marketing certain products and are unwilling to change their marketing focus. "Whom you are dealing with is a very unusual crossover between hardcore science and a commercial product, And it's an unholy a bonded relationship, Bio-mechanics, Performance behind sports shoe manufacture, Is a very active area of research both interior and exterior manufacturers' laboratories. "So there's a lot of lie detection going on, Mr Bartold suggested. But don't give up on sports footwear yet. "There is a widespread realization now that things have to change, Agreed Mr Bartold, Who additionally to his work at the university, Advises a sports shoe providers. Research that was done on shoes for an athlete for the olympics last year showed he could increase his time by between 0.5 % and 3 percent. "If possible change it by that margin with an athlete of that calibre, You can promise a gold medal, Reported Mr Bartold. And while footwear as an ergonomic aid is not needed for the average weekend jogger, Unacceptable shoe, No matter what cost, Could possibly cause injury. "Eventually these ideas get down to the level utilized by Joe Average, Again, Mr Bartold believes we will see radically different runners on shop shelves, With even less bulk and flexibility where the foot flexes.

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