Nike Tiempo Legend VII FG Soccer Cleats – Blue/White/Black USA Sarah Jessica Parker and Sergey Brin wear Google glasses at New York Fashion Week

Sarah Jessica Parker and Sergey Brin wear Google glasses at New York Fashion Week

Nike turf shoes nike soccer boots online for months, the tech world has been abuzz with talk of ‘Google Glass’, a headset which will allow users to impose digital images on the world around them.

However, the futuristic technology has mostly been restricted to secretive gatherings of the world’s computing elite.

Designer Diane von Furstenberg and several of her assistants and models have been wearing Glass during nike turf shoes preparations for the event, and their experiences are set to be edited together the video.

In a press release announcing the collaboration, Google and DVF said: ‘Today we’re thrilled to collaborate with the visionary and celebrated designer Diane von Furstenberg.

‘For the past week, we’ve been using Glass to capture the DVF creative process from entirely new perspectives.

‘Soon you’ll get a glimpse into what it’s like to design, prepare and experience the DVF show at New York Fashion Week through Diane’s eyes nike soccer boots online and a few other views.’

Ms von Furstenberg added: nike soccer boots online ‘I am so excited to introduce Glass to the fashion world and use this revolutionary technology to give everyone a unique perspective into fashion.’

The glasses allow users to be permanently connected to the internet through a headset which superimposes digital data on what wearers are looking at.

The information can be made to correspond with the view, for example by giving

Surely, it can’t be good for your eyes? It sure as anything doesn’t appear to be good for the future of society. It’s bad enough on the train with nike soccer boots online everyone’s heads down tapping away, with no eye contact or even a smile. Now everyone will be looking up but still trapped in their little worlds, with countless information being transmitted to them, but failing to take in the real world around them. It might not be obvious to anyone if people are trying to get eye contact with you, they may be just looking in your direction. Do we really need to have gadgets and gizmos all day long nike soccer boots online nike turf shoes.