2015 Nike Air Max 90 Mens Shoes – All Black Who is to more to blame for poor soccer team performances

Who is to more to blame for poor soccer team performances

Shop air max nike air max mens 2016 when one doesn’t forfill their dream, you often find others to blame. It is an easy way to not take responsibility for not being good enough for your own standards. It is the key to success, to understand that being successful is a process. It is not easy to go unrewarded for something you’ve worked so hard for. However, victory is always around the corner. In my opinion, self determination is the only thing that is left to blame when a soccer team goes down the tubes. A manager could spend days, weeks, even months trying to get you where he/she wants you to be. But you must meet them half way. Therefor, a manager does not have full control of his players. Sure, and ideal player should be fully willing to work. But when the game is lost, it was the players who lost it, not the manager. No matter what a manager teaches his players, he cannot teach skill. Of course, he can teach technique, but it is nothing like someone who has a natural born talent. These players should be working harder if they aren’t good enough to win the game. It is a goal, it won’t come easy. It needs time, effort, hard work, determination, and of course, dedication. This will require work from both the players, and the manager. Also, the players of the game are the one’s who are looked upto, not the managers. The kids in the crowd are all zoned in on their favorite players, waiting for them to make a heroic play. So when it comes down to it, the players have lost the game. And the manager is someone there that can pick up the pieces, and make sure it does not happen again. After all, no one can win them all. Victory will come to those who wait, those who aren’t afraid to make a mistake, those who aren’t afraid to admit they need fixing. A team is only as strong as it’s weakest link, and strength is an option. It comes to the one’s who work for it, the one’s who fight for it, and the one’s who will give everything they have to get to where they want to be. A player is as good as they want to be, a manager makes them better then they want to be. When you love what you are doing, though, it doesn’t seem like it is a struggle. It should be a jolt of electricity through each vain. An inspiration to better yourself is like no other. To live this life doing the things you love, is one of the best feelings out there. There is truely no limit to what a player can do. Impossible is therefor, nothing.

It is often moaned by coaches of all sports at every level that “if you don’t have the players, you can’t work miracles, In soccer management, miracles are never truly expected, but instead a manager is expected to harness the potential of his team to win soccer matches. Therefore moronic soundbites like that are only ever used by managers who have, quite basically, failed at doing their jobs right.

What is a soccer manager’s job anyway? Not very different from that of a manager of your local McDonalds; he or she is the chief organizer and motivator of his “team, He dishes warnings for those who step out of line or slack off, he showers encouragement onto a team member of low morale. More importantly, nike air max mens 2016 he sets out HIS game plan and gets his players to stick to it, very often with the promise that this will in turn lead them to glory at the end of the season.

2015 Nike Air Max 90 Mens Shoes – All Black

Poor performances can happen to a world famous soccer player like David Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo or to a Sunday league amateur like myself and really, some days it just seems that no matter how much you have trained before or how hard you try to make an impact in the match, nothing ever comes off the way it is supposed to.

This is when a manager really earns his keep. On the touchline, he should sense that his team is underperforming, and therefore, it is upon him to make the necessary changes tactically and/or to substitute players. His mind tinkers with different possible solutions to try to turn the tide of the match back into his favour. The point is, a player who messes up could be hauled off the pitch and be immediately replaced by a fresher member of the squad.

What happens then if the manager messes up?

As comparison, we shall look at classic examples of high level soccer managers who have succeeded with a squad of players of limited abilities, as well as managers who despite the wealth of talented footballers at their disposal, have spectacularly failed to deliver results. Otto Rehhagel took the unfancied Greek national team to the pinnacle of shop air max European football when they powered to victory at the nike air max mens 2016 2004 European Championships. Given a 1001odds of winning prior to the tournament, the Greeks stunned the soccer world as their rock solid organization, fitness, and indomitable team spirit trumped more fashionable and silky teams such as the Czech Republic and pretournament favourites Portugal.

Mr Rehhagel was applauded by all; he knew his squad was limited in abilities at best, and devised a system that saw their players toiling hard for one another and emphasizing on defense before launching rapid counter attacks. The fact that most high profile player in the Greek squad was Stelios Giannakopoulos, who plays for English basement side Bolton Wanderers is a testament to Rehhagel’s astonishing feat.

In contrast, England, the nation that invented soccer, had to face the humility of failing to qualify for the 2008 European Championships despite having top quality soccer players of colossal talent and abilities such as Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard and Wayne Rooney. These English players were considered to be the best there is in world soccer, yet under the “guidance” of Steve McClaren, the England manager, they failed to garner enough points in their qualifying nike air max mens 2016 group, with them losing to underdogs Croatia twice and missing out on the ticket to the tournament. It was seen as a lowpoint in English soccer especially the fans truly believed that talentwise, they could go on and actually win the 2008 tournament. But McClaren was totally inept with the complexities with international soccer and couldn’t get the team to play as a unit most notably in him failing to come up with a plan to accommodate his best players in central midfield namely Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard. His best players were also heavily underused notably the mercurial Wayne Rooney and he resorted to clumsy long balls to Peter Crouch instead. He was sacked with the British press labeling him as a “Wally with a Brolly” in reference to him sitting under an umbrella, glum and lost for ideas as his team lost to Russia.

Perhaps the clearest way of assessing the debate between players and managers in relation to a poor performance is to compare the whole relationship of the two as a game of chess. It is the manager and the manager alone that moves his pieces into areas he feels could win him the game. If that backfires and he is checkmated, blaming his rooks and bishops would be as foolish as saying “if you don’t have the players, you can’t work miracles, Mr Rehhagel certainly doesn’t believe so nike air max mens 2016.