mens nike air max sneakers What version control system should I use for my LaTeX documents

What version control system should I use for my LaTeX documents

Mens nike air max sneakers the answers to this question have convinced me I want to start using some kind of version control system. The question is, which should I use? First this is mainly just for myself, not for collaboration.

What are the pros and cons of git, SVN, mercurial. others?

I’d like to be able to have a version number in the header or footer of my drafts. Ideally, I’d like a system which allowed me to compile a document such that differences between selected versions of the file are highlighted in the pdf output somehow (a sort of “track changes” like behaviour). And I’d like to have nice integration with emacs, my editor of choice.

Pros and cons of one versioning system per answer please

(I’ve CWed this, but discuss whether I should undo that.)

The only VCS that can output things to your drafts that I am aware of is SVN. There is no real reason why this can’t be done with other VCSs, but so far nobody has released any LaTeX packages for them. Again, getting this in the pdf file would be a matter of writing LaTeX packages. git, Mercurial) system. Distributed systems have a number of advantages and, as far as I can tell, no disadvantages for use with LaTeX.

Personally, I use Mercurial rather than git for the following reasons:

Git is undoubtedly more powerful than Mercurial, but the extra functionality is mainly relevant to software developers and you are extremely unlikely to need it for nike air max shop a LaTeX nike air max shop document.

Mercurial has a better user interface in the sense that, unlike git, most commands do what you would expect them to mens nike air max sneakers do and you won’t need to use lots of flags and command line options to get it to do what you want. (WARNING! The Git vs. Mercurial debate is an example of a holy war. I didn’t find anything nearly as good for git.

Mercurial makes it easy to throw up a repository server on even the most backwards shared hosting provider that you can get for $5 a month. The standard ways of serving git repositories require persistent processes, mens nike air max sneakers which means you may have to pay mens nike air max sneakers more for hosting. Of course, this is moot if you run your own server or have in house IT staff to do it for you mens nike air max sneakers.