Best Asics Gel Kinsei 6 Mens Running Shoes – Orange/Dark Blue/White Grandson says Ishaq Khan’s reputation ‘summarily executed’

Grandson says Ishaq Khan’s reputation ‘summarily executed’

Mens asics sneakers the grandson of late former President Ghulam Ishaq Khan and a PPP Senator Osman Saifullah Khan has said that allegations against his grandfather who left office in 1993 and passed away in 2006 spending the intervening 13 years living quietly in Peshawar should have been brought against him at that time.

“That one of our investigative journalists, or one of our political leaders had drawn on their reserves of courage and pointed an accusatory finger in the direction; or that the Honourable Supreme Court has taken up the petition, but delay in the dispensation of justice denied him justice. His reputation has summarily been executed, he said in reaction to the judgment of the Supreme Court in Asghar Khan case.

It the first reaction from the family of former President Ghulam Ishaq cheap asics running shoes online Khan, Senator Osman Saifullah said there is much to be praised in the Supreme Court’s order, which reminds that all citizens of Pakistan are bound to act in accordance with our Constitution. “And, of course, it is proved that money was indeed used to tilt the playing field against the PPP, then it acknowledges the wrong done to Pakistan’s largest political party and to the will of its voters, he added.

He said that after the judgment it should be clear that it is the people of Pakistan alone, acting through their elected representatives, who determine what is and what is not in national interest. “Neither the Army nor the Supreme Court can claim this right, he said.

The senator who is son of PPP president KhyberPakhtunkhwa Anwar Saifullah Khan, who is a soninlaw of Ghulam Ishaq Khan, said being the eldest grandson of Ghulam Ishaq Khan (GIK), he has found the events of the last eight months culminating in the recent short order deeply distressing.

Senator Osman Saifullah said that it was mens asics sneakers a reputation acknowledged by men as different as Field Marshall Ayub Khan, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and General Ziaul Haq.

He said it was (GIK’s) reputation that resulted in Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, the architect of the Pakistan’s nuclear programme, entrusting Ghulam Ishaq Khan with the task of shepherding funding for this momentous undertaking. “My grandfather brought this task the same sense he displayed throughout the rest of his long career. Today, when we are often at the door cheap asics running shoes online of mens asics sneakers the IMF and World Bank, hand extended forward and palm upward, it is easy to forget that he was the first and only Pakistani to chair the World Bank’s Development Committee, he said.

He said his grandfather left the presidency quietly, choosing to retreat to a quiet life in his own country, never benefiting financially or otherwise from his status as a former head of state. “He was a President whose only son toiled away in obscurity during his presidency. There was to be no mercurial building up of assets with a father like Ghulam Ishaq Khan, he added.

Senator Osman said being a grandson he was hardly an impartial defender of mens asics sneakers his grandfather’s legacy and in the instant case what can I defend him with. “I have no facts to offer in his defence because he never discussed affairs of state with his family. He (GIK) took very seriously the oaths of office that he took, he said.

He said Ghulam Ishaq Khan, like all the rest of us, wasn’t perfect, he may have made mistakes. “But as much as I knew him there is no way, no way at all a person of his conscience could condone, let alone suggest, such a blatant misuse of public funds, he cheap asics running shoes online added.

He concluded that he wished his grandfather had been given a chance to defend himself. “My grandfather was a quiet, softspoken man. But even quiet people have the right to be heard, he added mens asics sneakers.