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DNA Models Suing FORD Models Over Maryna Linchuk

Online soccer shoes dna accuses Ford of tortuous interference with contract and unfair competition. It seeks at least $2 million in damages, according to the complaint filed Wednesday in New York Supreme Court. The lawsuit also accuses the model of breaching her contract with DNA.

Linchuk, who has appeared on the covers of Portuguese and Italian Vogue, signed an exclusive management agreement in 2006, the complaint says. Since then it says DNA has advanced “significant sums of money to Linchuk and on her behalf,

“From February 2006 to the present, DNA has invested magistax turf heavily in promoting, marketing and managing Linchuk career and professional image, preparing her for and helping her choose modeling assignments, shoots, etc, the lawsuit says. “As a direct result of DNA efforts, Linchuk has become a successful and sought after model,

She signed on for another two years in 2008, but on April 15 of this year, she sent DNA an email saying she was thinking of leaving. Immediately thereafter, DNA online soccer shoes received an email from a representative of Ford following up on the model request that DNA pass any bookings or options to him.

“Ford through its representatives solicited and induced Linchuk to break her contract with DNA, the lawsuit says. “But for said actions, Linchuk would have not breached her contract with DNA,

The damage goes beyond the broken pact with Linchuk, according to DNA. “Ford continues to contact DNA business clients and contacts, advising of Linchuk alleged dissatisfaction with DNA, damaging DNA business reputation within the modeling community, the lawsuit says.

The case is DNA Model Management v. Ford Models and Maryna Linchuk, New York Supreme Court, No. 651113/2011.

So the suit is also against Maryna her self, not only Ford.

Earlier this week Ford also online soccer shoes started representing Kate King, taking her away from Elite. But per a commenter on this blog, that was due to her agent moving to Ford, with Kate just going along with him/her.

The question one would ask is: should the model be loyal to online soccer shoes the agency, or the agent? As another commenter put it:

^^ Oh what a “sick” world! Ford cant stop stealing the girls! Elite discovered Kate at the age of 13 and did A LOT FOR her development! She has to thank them for becoming a top newcomer this season!

Speaking of Elite and agency drama, last week The Imagist, in a soopu du jour, reported that:

The Hiss Squad is reporting that long time Elite veteran Richard Habberly has magistax turf exited Elite with suspicion brewing that key girls like Dree and Alessandra are now about to go into play. Add to that the departure of power scout Doll Wright and it is clear another agency shift is afoot. Who will fill in the freshly created vacuum? Rumors are a very recent IMG departee might be handed the keys to the kingdom online soccer shoes.

magistax turf Different Womens Fashion Styles

Different Womens Fashion Styles

Online soccer shoes women are considered to be the ones very meticulous about the clothes that they wear since they don’t only look online to find the clothes that have the best value. Not only the financial value, they also want to get the clothes that have high value when it comes to fashion. This means that they need online soccer shoes to find the ones to meet their personal style. The good news is that wholesale clothing suppliers can meet their needs when it comes to clothes. Every woman has their own personal styles and they can find the clothing wholesale that will meet them.

Sweet girl. This is the fashion style that gives women a sweet and young feeling. They usually wear cute clothing with simple designs and color that are effective in making a woman feel younger than their actual age.

Party girl. Women who wear this type of fashion are those who love to party and socialize with other people. Usually, the clothes that they magistax turf wear on this fashion style are chic and fabulous but will still enable them to move easily online soccer shoes for any dance parties. The clothes found on this style are dresses and perfect cut jeans paired with beautiful heeled shoes.

Simplistic chic. Typically, women who love this type of fashion would just want to be comfortable and yet catch the attention of everyone who will see them because of their overall look. Simple tank tops and jeans with right length paired with heels are the common clothes used by these women. They may also use simple blouses that fit them perfectly. This type of fashion is the one usually worn by models for their go sees.

Elegant women. There are some women who may have the regal presence when they are walking either on public or important events. In order to match this presence, they need to have quality and elegant clothing that will always make them look good. Classic example of these women who may have this presence is Portia De Rossi. Now, women who may have this undiscovered presence can improve their looks by getting affordable wholesale clothing with elegant magistax turf design.

Corporate chick. Women with power and presence would like to have corporate outfit to show that they can prove equality among men and women in competing for the corporate world. These are women who can carry fashionable corporate outfit that may have unique designs compared to others. This means that they can carry this fashion whether they online soccer shoes wear sleeveless tops or blazers, they can command attention and presence upon entering the conference room.

These are just some of the fashion that women usually wear. The good thing about this is that these beautiful clothes are now available in clothing wholesale suppliers at friendly prices. So if you want establish personal style, you just need to consult these looks and find the ones that will truly describe who your are so you will be comfortable with it online soccer shoes.