magistax ii Help required with avoiding static put out during first PC build

Help required with avoiding static put out during first PC build

Magistax ii help required with avoiding static get rid of during first PC build

I am going to be doing my first PC build a few weeks(Eagerly waiting PSU). While surfing tutorials online, Individuals have been warning a lot about static discharge, Damaging the constituents. I have examine antistatic wrist bands, But problem is they are not readily accessible in my case.

Also the impression for touching the pc cabinet is also futile as my cabinet surface is polished with some non conduction material(Both outside and inside)

Here are information on my future workspace, Kindly encourage something from magistax ii it:

1. A real wood bed(Nonpolished and rough raw floor emerge) I read online that moisture i good to hide from ESD, So can i colon cleanse sprinkling some water on the bed before working on it

2. I throw a water cooler, Which can keep my enfolding humid nike tiempo 6 during the build.

3. The house has marble flooring

So nike tiempo 6 magistax ii is there anything i can make up with the above choices. Also if i create a metallic platform of some kind, So why is ground it. I mean should i magistax ii just connect some wire with it and put into my power. Also how can i be certain that the power mains nike tiempo 6 ground is actually working and not just some bluff magistax ii nike tiempo 6.