latest asics HELP this thread has been hijacked with a boring argument

HELP this thread has been hijacked with a boring argument

Latest asics asics trainers got this idea from something I heard on the radio. Hopefully without offending people, we can ask some questions about different folks and lifestyles within the safety of this thread.

I probably don’t have much to contribute. I’m a 41 year old white woman. My husband is 26 so who knows that might raise some questions. One of my best friends is gay so I know way more about that lifestyle than I need to

I was all over Korea and Germany, but in Desert Shield/Storm asics trainers I was with the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment. I was an interrogator (boo), questioning the Iraqi prisoners as soon as they were captured, or surrendered.

The 2nd ACR basically cleared the way for VII Corps up into Iraq from Saudi Arabia. He seems to have a problem with things associated with the United States. I don’t know if it’s an inferiority complex or maybe some American kicked his dog when he was a child.

I suspect I’ll wait a very long time before you locate that.

You’re countering statements that were never made, and arguing points that only appear in your asics trainers actually DO have reading comprehension issues.

Now it’s gone from mildly amusing to highlarious!

Original Post by mlrdmr:

That link says nothing. The German use of the term “storm troops” was simply their way of describing a certain group of forces. It had nothing to do specifically with Canadian forces. That link even references the German “storm troops, BTW, that link was refering to WWI, not WWII.

Yes, that certain group being “the best of the best, which latest asics was fairly obvious from the context. I know I shouldn’t dwell though, given your issues with the written word.

Although you DID manage to pick up on it being WWI. Well done, gold star for you junior!

Original Post by mlrdmr:

Trust me, I have a great sense of humor. But I don’t find America bashing a funny topic. I’m sorry that you were caught in the crossfire, but maybe on this one you should just let the battle play itself out.

“Bashing” would require, I think, unfair characterizations of the US. I don’t believe I’ve made unfair characterizations. I’ve stated, categorically, that the US is not essential to the functioning of the planet, and that if it disappeared life on the planet (after an adjustment period) would continue on. In asics trainers some cases things might be worse, in other cases, things might be better.

You may disagree, of course. The fact that you get so butthurt (or bad hair hurt) over it just adds to the fun asics trainers.