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Asics trainers gel kinsei i can’t say enough positive things about FogBugz. It’s the best bug/task tracking system I’ve used. As of FogBugz 8 it even has a decent Wiki based of CKEditor. It supports plugins so you can extend it to do a bunch of stuff (like a Kanban board), or customize its workflow, or do more gel kinsei extensive timesheet reporting, or whatever. You can do self hosted or pay them to host.

Now the base solution isn’t free, but you can do a “students gel kinsei and startups” hosted solution which is good for 2 users.

They have a separate product, Kiln, which is basically Mercurial but tied in Fogbugz (optionally) and has a pretty slick code review pipeline. I talked to one of the guys that worked on it and they said it had pretty decent tools for dealing with the “big file” problem with DVCS solutions (namely that every client has every version of every file, and that not scaling for, say, giant zbrush files), like filtering “big files” by extension, and that sort of thing.

I like Google Code a lot if you are willing to make your project opensource, it’s pretty awesome. It provides you with hosting for code (SVN or Mercurial), files for releases, a simplebuteffective wiki, and a straightforward bug tracker. The downsides are that access control for the wiki is limited, and edits to the wiki cause commits to your repository.

I’ve heard good things about github, and from what I’ve seen of it while grabbing people’s code from it, I like it. But I have never used it for more than that, because I don’t have a compelling asics trainers need (or desire) to use distributed version control.

In the realm of lessgeneral tools, Perforce is a powerful version control system that is used by gel kinsei just about every professional game development studio I have worked at or know of. They have free limiteduser licenses. You need to host and administer the server yourself, though, which is something I have very limited experience doing so I can’t comment much to that.

I have used Trac for bug tracking before (and still do for my own projects that I host on my private SVN). It’s also simple I am a fan of simple bug tracking and such, instead of systems like Bugzilla, which I think are too much trouble to configure. I don’t use Trac’s builtin wiki, really, preferring DokuWiki instead. There is also the everpopular MediaWiki, if that’s your thing.

Backupwise, I mostly use Backblaze, which is awesome but violates your “free” constraint. If I couldn’t use Backblaze I’d just back everything up via a cron job or something to an external hard drive and mirror that to my web server, probably gel kinsei.