design your own soccer cleats Professionals seek help in two John Doe cases

Professionals seek help in two John Doe cases

Tiempo boots the man was transported to Los Angeles County USC the hospital. He died at hand on Dec. 4.

He tiempo boots was named white or Latino in his 50s, Baldness with gray hair, Age eyes, Facial hair and a mustache. He was missing a couple of his upper teeth, Has side to side scars on his chest, Stood 5 feet 11 inches design your own soccer cleats tall and acessed 164 pounds.

The design your own soccer cleats person also wore green uniformtype pants, A redandblack hat and black shoes. He is known at this point tiempo boots as John Doe 255 to the coroner’s office. Happening number is 201208028. Dec. 3 in a car park at 1635 S. San Gabriel Blvd using San Gabriel, In order to Harvey.

He was taken to San Gabriel medical where he died Dec. 17.

He was named Asian, 60 and ancient tiempo boots with black/gray hair, Light green eyes, A mustache which design your own soccer cleats include goatee. He stood 5 feet 9 inches tall and was 140 unwanted weight. He had his own lower teeth but no upper teeth or veneers.

The fact number is 201208374.

Photos of the men’s faces can be looked at Advertisement

Of the coroner’s, 1104 iand. Mission Road in houston.

Anyone with information is asked to call Investigator Daniel Machian at the Los Angeles County Coroner Identifications Unit 3233430754 or the Coroner inspections Division at 3233430714 tiempo boots design your own soccer cleats.