Lightest Nike Hypervenom Phantom III DF FG Soccer Cleats – Blue/Black/Pink Woman finds ways to ‘upcycle’ what gets thrown away

Woman finds ways to ‘upcycle’ what gets thrown away

Buy hypervenom phantom new GLASGOW Tabitha Coleman has a knack for seeing the potential in what others would simply throw away.

The New Glasgow woman shared some of the ways that she repurposes textiles and other materials with children in her neighbourhood Friday as they gathered on her lawn to take part in the Go Clean Get Green initiative, a countywide community litter pickup program.

Coleman, who has a background in fashion arts, practises buy hypervenom phantom upcycling, which is taking materials that would otherwise be thrown away or sent to a recycling plant and giving it a new purpose.

“It’s basically taking something that you’ve taken as much as you can from it and revitalizing it, giving it a second life, she said.

Some of the upcycling projects Coleman showed the children in her neighbourhood was taking old clothing items such as the hemline of jeans and fashioning them into bracelets and turning old pillowcases into tote bags.

Upcycling is something she’s passed on to her eightyearold daughter who is starting up her own business selling old socks she turns into stuffed animals nike soccer shoes such as mice and owls called “Adopt a Sock,

“Textiles have a huge impact on the environment, Coleman said. buy hypervenom phantom “They’re manmade so when they go into the landfill, it takes a long time for them to break down,

Coleman also show the children new uses for old soup cans by repurposing them as pencil holders and salsa jars as containers for herbs and chocolate chips.

Coleman started upcycling after working in the textile industry and seeing the excessive amount of waste that results from clothing production.

Coleman asked the children to think about if the items they are throwing away or recycling with their parents could have another use in their home. Before they send nike soccer shoes them to buy hypervenom phantom a landfill or recycling plant.

“I think it’s really important to educate kids about the impact that waste has on the environment, she said, adding that it’s the fourth year she has registered her neighbourhood to take part in the Go Clean Get Green program.

“The kids look forward to it every year, she said.

Before parents took their children around the block to pick up litter, Coleman had the young people take a pledge by placing one hand on a globe and one hand in the air. nike soccer shoes She had the children repeat what a threeyearold girl led the audience in at the Go Clean Get Green kick off event in Stellarton, an environmental pledge that states: “I promise to take care of my earth every day,

After learning about upcycling and taking their environmental pledge, the children were given gloves and Go Clean Get Green bags and they ran out to their neighbourhood to pick up litter.

Coleman said at the moment she is creating upcycling projects with old textiles for her family, but plans to expand it into a business in the near future buy hypervenom phantom nike soccer shoes.