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Google pays tribute to Delhi gang

Asics kayano 20 sale buy asics gel noosa tri 9 searchengine major Google on Monday joined millions of people to pay tribute to the 23oldgang rape victim. The search engine major has placed a vigil candle marking its tribute towards the victim.

Unlike its other doodles, where the logo is made in an animated form, the Google India homepage this time features a candle just below the search box.

The young physiotherapy intern was raped and brutally tortured by six men in a moving bus on December 16. She was being treated at Delhi and later shifted to Singapore, where she breathed her last on December 29.The incident and her subsequent death was followed by protests across the country.

As per foreign media reports, Google is said to have added a solitary white candle to its US homepage following the tragic news of the school shooting in Newtown, which read, “Our hearts are with the families and community of Newtown, Connecticut,

The whole nation felt grieved and the new year eve and new year 2013 was almost given up by the Indian whether buy asics gel noosa tri 9 he lived in urban or rural India. The out pouring of grief was of such a magnitude, that showed the people really empathized with the girl’s family. Her indomitable buy asics gel noosa tri 9 spirit of courage, her will to live, her asics kayano 20 sale fight in the midst of unbearable physical pain, made her a heroine. No body called protest. But every single Indian was out on the street, praying for her, protesting for her, braving the Police lathis. Gandhiji would have been proud of India of 2012. But the mercurial people, didn’t want them. This was one of the greatest departures from the past, and this alone, will make this protest historical. This was a ‘movement of the people, by the people, buy asics kayano 20 sale asics gel noosa tri 9 for the people, This was what the frail 23 year old woman did. She transformed the Society. Brought self discipline. Self introspection buy asics gel noosa tri 9.