buy asics shoes Freddie Flintoff and the adjective ‘great’

Freddie Flintoff and the adjective ‘great’

Buy asics shoes gel noosa tri 9 it has been a long time since I’ve felt genuine affection for an English cricketer. More precisely, since David Gower and Ian Botham packed up their kitbags and left. Freddie Flintoff stepped into the breach, and despite my initial viewing of him as a drunken gel noosa tri 9 soccer oaf, he managed to impress me with his ability to ratchet up the atmosphere in a Test match with his justifiably famous spells, to be combative with batsmen while not descending into puerile abusiveness, to hit the ball hard and long, and with all those other ineffable qualities that make disbelievers into

Freddie fans. Flintoff evokes feelings in me that remind me of my childhood following of cricket.

But in all of this, I have never considered Flintoff a ‘great’ cricketer just like I never considered many buy asics shoes other darlings of mine (like Kim Hughes for instance) to be greats. And it dismays me to see that term thrown about so freely in this Ashes summer as the English media gear up, almost hopefully, for a final orgy of Freddieanointing. Good yes, talented yes, mercurial yes, brilliant to watch yes. But great? No.

If one is to believe the emanations of the English press after the Lord’s Test, it is possible for a bowler to be called great despite possessing the mediocre statistics that Flintoff does (he has, I might like to remind readers, not even taken three wickets per test over his career), for a player to be called a great Ashes performer despite leading his side to a 05 whitewash at the hands of the Great Enemy (and visibly losing all control of his team as the series wore on), for an allrounder to be called great despite only being able to swing an occasional match in favour of England with his bowling and batting.

While statistics do lie on occasion, there is something to be said for reserving the adjective ‘great’ for those cricketers able to maintain and sustain a high level of cricketing performance over an extended period of time. To call Flintoff a ‘great’ Test cricketer is to admit him to an exclusive club whose membership has taken far more work, dedication, skill and longevity on the part of its members than Freddie has been able to show.

Flintoff’s famous injuries have managed to obscure the fact that he has not taken smart decisions with his body, in choosing to play certain games and not others. The Flintoff legend makes these injuries sound like the fates conspiring against him, a biological conspiracy of sorts. But reality is a little more prosaic than that.

Cricket buy asics shoes fans are familiar with the archetypal figure of the talentedbutnotgreat cricketer: men who showed dazzling displays of brilliance but were unable to sustain it over their careers. These men provoke passionate defenses on the part of their fans that typically take the form of “You say X is a great cricketer but I’d rather watch a short innings by Y any day” and so on. These men encourage a disdain for statistics, for the stories the scoreboards and record books tell.

Flintoff will always prompt gel noosa tri 9 such defenses and it is tribute to him that he does so. I have defended him in similar fashion on my blog in the past. But I’ve done so knowing the charges against him have contained a kernel of truth.

A great cricketer leaves his mark on the game over an extended period of time, by performing well at home and away, by setting standards (yes, statistical ones too) for others to try and emulate, buy asics shoes by being a pioneer in some fashion. Flintoff has come close to doing some of these things but he is not there yet.

Flintoff will always be remembered as a gel noosa tri 9 wonderfully exciting cricketer that managed to make a couple of Ashes series played in England the stage for some great cricketing theatre. But the rest of his career, his away performances, his inconsistency, his early retirement from test cricket, will ensure that he will not be considered a great cricketer at least in the eyes of many folks who don’t write for English newspapers.

Being an england fan,i am sick of the media hype over freddie. I do like edward smythe’s comments about flintoff being chavs yob in chief, and as for his celebrations at Lords. i never felt so embarrassed.

Also even though england or rather South afraica 2nd XI won the ashes, i dont really care that they have, its clear that selling out to Sky has resulted in the public not caring as much as they did in 2005. Just doesnt feel the same and its a combination of this + the fact that england had so many incorrect decisions go their way thats tarnished it for me.

All I can see is that South Africa, just like last year will be dishing out a cricketing lesson.

In reply to ‘Big John’ Kapil Dev was left out of my ‘great’ list due to his relatively high bowling average (near 30). It was a marginal decision, I think he now should (in hindsight) be added to that list, (sorry to all offended Kapil fans). Shaun Pollock was a victim of my issues with meeting the character limit, I’d place him with the ‘good’ section.

Another person I didn’t include who should have been in the ‘good’ section, arguably a borderline great was Trevor Goddard what put me off him was his solitary test century. Alan Davidson like Goddard has a higher batting avg and a lower bowling one, with a top score of 80.

For me a great all rounders minimum requirements would be a batting average of 33+, 5 test centuries, a bowling average of 31 or below and 200 wickets.

Interesting re Freddie, if he plays a blinder at the Oval he can achieve a higher batting than bowling average. maybe 100 runs and 6 (cheap) wickets. maybe the cricinfo stats guy could check that gel noosa tri 9.

asics tri noosa 9 womens Genia wins Reds gong

Genia wins Reds gong

Asics tri noosa 9 womens genia, who captained the Reds to fifth in a remarkable reversal of fortunes under Ewen McKenzie, took the Stan Pilecki Medal ahead of Australian Super 14 player of the year Quade Cooper.

Rising frontrowers Ben Daley and Saia Faingaa, who debuted for the Wallabies last month, tied discount asics womens running shoes for third on 141 in a testament to their tireless work discount asics womens running shoes around the ground and the solidity of the Reds scrum.

Kiwi recruit Daniel Braid, directrunning centre Anthony Faingaa and rawboned flanker Scott Higginbotham were also among the leaders.

Voted by the players on a 321 basis after each game, the medal is named after legendary prop Stan Pilecki who earned 122 caps in for Queensland and was on hand to present the award in front of 600 guests at a gala dinner.

Genia led the asics tri noosa 9 womens Reds for all but the first two games of the Super 14 after being thrown into the job following skipper James Horwill’s seasonending knee injury.

As well as displaying supreme leadership and composure, Genia combined brilliantly with mercurial playmaker Cooper to make Queensland the most entertaining team in the competition.

“Will took on the additional responsibility of the onfield captaincy when James was injured and led by example for the whole season he didn’t miss a beat, said McKenzie.

“The consistency of his performances is what asics tri noosa 9 womens we need to achieve as a team and the group we have assembled for 2011 is capable of that,

Cooper did walk away with an award by discount asics womens running shoes collecting the try of the season prize for the same round two effort, which he started and finished against the Crusaders, that won him asics tri noosa 9 womens the Super 14 try of the year a month ago.

The tenacious Daley won the QR Spirit of the Reds award and Australian Under20 captain Jake Schatz won Queensland’s rookie of the year prize after starting in all three backrow positions during the season.

Pilecki Medal leaderboard: Will Genia 209, Quade Cooper 177, Ben Daley 141, Saia Faingaa 141, Daniel Braid 134, Anthony Faingaa 121, Scott Higginbotham 104, Digby Ioane 101 asics tri noosa 9 womens.