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Nike magista obra black volt in the center East continues to draw people online in huge numbers. Libya’s violent crackdown on anti state and federal regime protesters and Moammar Gadhafi angry speech declaring He would die a martyr before leaving the surge is soaring. Yeah wanted to become they really understood what Gadhafi was saying we major spike in look for the word martyr. And also for the term which is French for a greater force chiefly an act of god have an of party from a contract. Libya Asics Kayano 21 Womens declared a measure on its oil contracts immediately in the wake of the uprising. An additional story that seen steady

Friends across the spot. Gadhafi was cut off from arms and cash in his forces were progressively degraded. From Gaza to western mountains the Libyan enemy courageously confronted the regime. And the tide submitted their favor. During several days. The truth in Libya has reached a tipping point as the opposition increased its coordination from east west. Took town after town in folks of of Tripoli rose up to claim their freedom. For over four decades Libyan people had lived under the rule of the tyrant who denied them the standard human rights. Now the activities. That it’s hard to miss in the streets of Libya shows that the pursuit of human dignity is for stronger. Than any master. I want to emphasise that this is not over yeah. As a regime deflates. There’s still fierce competing in Summers. And we have reports of regime elements threatening to remain fighting. Yet it’s clear that is rule is over. He still has the means to reduce further bloodshed by explicitly relinquishing power to the people of Libya In calling for those forces that continue to fight. To lay down their arms in the interest of As we move

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Another Arab leaders facing the wrath of his people tonight the Libya’s Moammar Qaddafi is fights back hard. Calling in airstrikes by himself people machine guns and artillery to. Hard information and facts are hard to come

From Morocco to Iran governing bodies have fallen in Tunisia and Egypt will Libya be next. Already the ripple effects are being felt here at home today the asking price of oil shot up 6%. The biggest one jump in nearly many years. So is tries to prolong his more than forty year hold on power tonight we’ll examine his complicated courting with the US and that’s the key question. If Qaddafi goes will that be consistently for America. Jeffrey starts us faraway from Libya’s border with Tunisia good evening Jeffrey. And good evening to you George the wildfires of reform that sweeping across the Arab world. Was an inferno in Libya today in a region ruled by some brutal dictators. Moammar Gadhafi is proving to be almost all ruthless of all but after 41 years. These are his final days.

Other defections including key members of his inner circle and some of Libya’s top diplomats such as deputy ambassador to the UN itself. Daffy is nowhere to appear although He did have a

Nation the big questions will be oil. Still flow will Libya again become. A propagation down for alQaeda. Or other terrorists I know that US officials not too much publicly but what behind the curtain how do you think they’re balancing out nike magista obra black volt these concerns. What you’ve seen the condemnations that both the White House and the State category has issued. Also remember that the U mama Gadhafi is oil very little of it comes to our great country most of it to Europe and there’s no reason for that to start. Raining. In relation to terror up He was not supporting alQaeda He actually did in condemned that. He did He seems to have gotten out of the terror and W nike magista obra black volt and don’t know what will happen if there’s chaos off to him but in terms also of usa doesn’t have a huge amount of leverage that Qaddafi is not Mubarak. Libya is not Egypt Egypt got some time five billion dollars or more of USA. That’s different with so much less influence them and remember of course also. The is a not the same individuals who have gone for instance Mubarak was a very firm ally. All of the Asics Kayano 21 Womens u. s and you can that Gadhafi had a very checkered history with the US. And again in these uprisings we’ve always said that it’ll do it nike magista obra black volt nike kobe 9 christmas.