Asics Gel Sendai 2 Womens Running Shoes – Blue/Yellow/White Harendra feels Sandeep Singh will have to work to regain India berth

Harendra feels Sandeep Singh will have to work to regain India berth

Discount asics shoes online asics gel sendai mumbai: Former India hockey coach Harendra Singh on Monday said discount asics shoes online that ace dragflicker Sandeep Singh will have to work harder in order to regain his position in the national squad as competition within the team has become stiffer.

“I have no problem with Sandeep Singh’s performances. But he needs to do better because the competition is quite good. Rupinder Pal Singh has emerged as a good defender with his drag flicks and Gurjinder Singh is quite lethal, Harendra said at the launch of a performance analysis providing company ‘Sportstec’.

“If a player makes up his mind to make a comeback then no coach or federation can stop him. He has the capability and the energy and the hunger to represent India. Sandeep will himself have to try to bring his game to the level at which he has given performances in the past, he said.

Hailing the recently held Hockey India League, the former coach highlighted the fact that youngsters performed better than seasoned players in the fiveteam event.

“Hockey is youth’s game. I think Hockey India League has proved if you have faith in youngsters then the result will discount asics shoes online be good. And because of HIL, the result for Indian Hockey will be good, said Harendra.

“Barring Sardar (Singh), all the big names mostly failed. Only the youngsters performed. Ranchi Rhinos and Delhi Waveriders chose youngsters and they played the final.

“The best part of Hockey India league was that an Indian coach (Ajay Kumar) Bansal (coach of finalists Delhi Waveriders) proved that it is not asics gel sendai only the foreign (coaches but also) Indian coaches can achieve what they want. The full staff was Indian, he added.

However, he said that the number of teams should be increased to eight to make the league more competitive.

“The format was good but the teams were less. I think eight teams should have played. A few teams had taken it for granted that they would play the semifinal, but had it been an eightteam game then every coach, every player, every franchise would have been on their toes,

Backing national coach Michael Nobbs, Harendra said the Australian needs to be given some more time to produce good results after team’s dismal show in the 2012 London Games where they finshed last.

“I think the London Olympic preparation under Michael Nobbs wasn’t that good because he came in 2011 July and within one year no coach can produce a medallist. You need to give him time. I think Michael Nobbs had very less time. The guidance from supporting coaches was not good.

“I would have guided him saying plan for the future and the few senior players like Arjun Halappa, Raj Pal Singh, Bharat Chikara, Prabhjot Singh could have gone to the London Olympics, who were experienced and we could have finished in the top six,

Harendra felt that with the new crop of players on the ascendance, India can aim to finish in the top four in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

“With the preparation and new players, I am sure we will be in the top four because players asics gel sendai like Mandeep (Singh), Manpreet (Singh), Gurjinder (Singh), Birendra Lakra are good. Their energy is quite good. Youth is the future. I am happy that youngsters got a chance to play and 2016 looks very good,

According to Harendra, the ongoing feud between rival national bodies, Hockey India and Indian Hockey Federation can be sorted out through discussions.

“Hockey has been hit and players are also suffering. As a former player and coach, I believe that if both the federations’ intention is to keep hockey on top, they should keep their ego aside.

“I don’t think there is any problem in the world that can’t be solved across the table. And the sooner it gets resolved, Indian Hockey can rise further from where it is now, he said.

Harendra felt if the Indian team had asics gel sendai used technology in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, it would have been assured a medal.

“We were lacking in technology. Since 1998, technology has boomed in sports and if in Sydney Olympics we had used technology, then after a long time India would have gained a medal in Olympics, Harendra said.

India were knocked out of the semi finals on goal difference after allowing Poland to equalise through a lastgasp goal in their concluding league game.

He further said the then Australian coach had used the technology and prepared more than 100 clippings of mercurial India forward Dhanraj Pillai by taking into consideration his style of play in different situations and that indepth detailing helped the Aussies.

Badminton player Aparna Popat, who was also present at the event, also stressed the importance of technology and said, “We are not lacking in talent but preparation. We need to produce champions and we need technology, asics gel sendai discount asics shoes online.

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Having A Splash

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asics gel sendai HCL’s move from Nadar to Nayar

HCL’s move from Nadar to Nayar

Asics gel sendai where can i find asics shoes those who ve tracked Indian where can i find asics shoes IT for a few years now, usually have no qualms in describing Shiv Nadar as the original pit bull terrier in the business. Fierce, hard charging, unforgiving, and deeply, deeply involved with HCL Technologies a software services company he spun out of his original creation, a hugely successful hardware firm, HCL Infosystems. His persona was in stark contrast to the other titans in the business. Narayana Murthy assiduously cultivated a statesmanlike image while Azim Premji came across as a recluse.

It isn t as if they weren t as deeply into their businesses as Nadar was. It s just that among the three of them, Nadar seemed the last man who would step away from the business. But then, nothing is what it seems. And so on October 2, 2008, when HCL Technologies paid 441 million to outbid Infosys for control of Axon, a UKbased company, it struck most people as odd that its mercurial founder wasn t there to look into the cameras and say cheese.

For HCL Technologies, Axon meant a lot. Lehman Brothers had crashed a month ago, and with it Wall Street. In the panic that followed, there was little money chasing good assets and HCL Tech had gotten itself a pretty damn good deal. What made it sweeter still was that arch rival Infosys, widely tipped to be the frontrunner in asics gel sendai spite of putting in a lower bid at 407 million, had to concede ground. To insiders at HCL Tech though, Nadar s absence at the press conference to announce the acquisition didn t raise any brows. His prot g Vineet Nayar did the needful, thank you very much.

I have seen Shiv attempting to detach himself. In fact, at times he avoids meetings because when he is present, people at the company defer to him, says Amal Ganguli, an independent director on HCL s board. Strange, you would imagine, in a company where Nadar still holds a controlling stake of about 60%.

Stranger still, you would imagine, in a company where until recently key executives, petrified of Nadar s volatile temperament and enormous capabilities to push the boundaries they worked in, took cues from what he wears to work. Legend at HCL Tech has it that when Nadar walks in for a business review wearing a suit with a tie, it s a good day. An open neck Tshirt on the other hand translates into get out of the way. Sleeves rolled up, jacket off, inevitably means all hell s going to break loose. Fresh cookies in the room are a good omen, etc.

And life went on. A company, which once upon a time where can i find asics shoes was spoken of in the same breath as Infosys and Wipro, lost its way. In 2000, all of them had revenues of roughly USD 200 million. By 2005, Infosys breached USD 1.5 billion while Wipro was nudging the number at USD 1.35 billion. HCL Tech on the other hand was just about half way there. Not surprisingly, few people were willing to give the company a snowball s chance in hell.

Exit Nadar, Enter Nayar

This is our time, says an ebullient Vineet Nayar, the 47 year old CEO at HCL Technologies. And what a time indeed! Over the last two years, it has managed to snap some of the largest deals that have come Indian IT s way; to be precise, USD 2.6 billion in an environment where even mighty Infosys struggles to gather momentum. Last year, revenues grew 17% and its stock has outperformed both its peers as well as the benchmark index (CNX IT) by a wide margin. Better still, HR consulting firm Hewitt Associates ranks HCL Technologies among the best employers in Asia. In three years, HCL has gone from zero to hero, says Frances Karamouzis of Gartner, an IT research firm.

What, you wonder, changed? Shiv Nadar, actually

After fighting pitched battles to dominate the Indian hardware space, Nadar got there by 1987 after he founded HCL Infosystems in 1976. By 1996 though, he figured while he was spilling blood over domestic spoils, the real war was waging elsewhere: Outsourcing.

He quickly reorganised the company and created HCL Technologies to take advantage of the software services opportunity. But Nadar made some strategic mistakes there. He believed the Y2K business was not worth chasing because it was low value. Everybody else though went after it because it helped them build strategic relationships with large American companies. In hindsight we shouldn t have missed it, says Nadar today. We were the most qualified for it.

But he s quick to add: We are an engineering company, how many companies in the world have the capability to design an entire aircraft? HCL has that depth of technology. Boeing is one of HCL Tech s largest accounts today.

To be fair to Nadar, when the writing on the wall was obvious by 2005, he did the best thing a founder can do. He stepped aside and asked Vineet Nayar to step into the saddle on the face of it, his polar opposite. Nadar is imperious and usually wears an Armani. Nayar can most often be found with his sleeves rolled up, is an extrovert and likes to hit the dance floor with as much gusto as he would a sales presentation. There s one thread where can i find asics shoes that binds them though an undying love for single malt whiskey.

He was a star, says Nadar who spotted him in the 80s. Nayar was asked to move into Nadar s office as the executive assistant, a job meant for those on the fast track. For three years, Nayar was the top sales person for HCL Tech, exceeding his sales targets two to three times over. But he had a problem he got bored soon.

In 1991 for instance, he got bored with selling. Srivastava, senior VP at HCL Tech. His top sales guy didn t want to sell anymore. So Nadar asked Nayar to come up with a business plan, which he promptly did with everything from readytoeat omelettes, aircraft manufacturing, and satellitebased communication systems. Nadar liked the last idea and HCL Comnet was in business with Nayar at the helm. He didn t realise it then, but Nadar had venture capitalised the future of HCL Technologies.

Which is perhaps why when Nadar eventually asked Nayar to take over HCL Technologies, the prot g demanded only one thing a free hand. He got it. Over the next four years, Nayar overturned the business strategy and undid pretty much everything his mentor had put in place where can i find asics shoes asics gel sendai.