Buy Asics Gel Kayano 22 Mens Running Shoes – Blue/White Red Garlic is Natures Antibiotic Allium Sativum

Garlic is Natures Antibiotic Allium Sativum

Buy asics gel kayano 20 garlic is much more than food. It is a healthy wonder. Here is a small list of what it is: Antibiotic, Expectorant, Anticoagulant, AntiHistamine, Antiparasitic, Sweat Promoter, Blood Pressure Reducer, Blood Sugar Reducer, and It Lowers Blood Cholesterol.

Not bad for a little bulb. buy asics gel kayano 20 The one caveat of Garlic is its odor. The pungent aroma that you get from Garlic is due to its sulfur containing compounds. These compounds are responsible for stimulating the immune system and reducing the risk of heart attacks. One trick is to make sure that your loved ones also eat it. Then you can smell it on each other.

Now for colds and fevers garlic can be applied directly to the feet by pricking a pearl and squeezing the oil on the feet, then put on warm socks and go to sleep. buy asics gel kayano 20 You can put plastic over the socks to prevent the odor from spreading. This method bypasses the digestive system and lets the healing properties go directly into the blood stream. Bam! Bye bye cold.

(I must state that I am not a Doctor and if you have a serious condition please consult a doctor that you trust.)

It certainly will not hurt to up your garlic consumption this winter. I secretly think that buy asics gel kayano 20 it odor is a blessing in disguise. If you eat a ton when you are sick you won spread it as rapidly asics gel kayano 20 white because people will stay away!

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